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The Ginger Man Pub

The Ginger Man Pub

Boasting what the bar claims is "America's largest selection of import draughts," the Ginger Man surely has a brew to suit you amongst the 68 on draft and additional 140-150 bottled suds.
Under The Volcano

Under The Volcano

Don't miss the "steak night" special on Monday nights, when a 16-ounce USDA Choice ribeye with tossed salad and mashed potatoes is a bargain.
Dan Electro's Guitar Bar

Dan Electro's Guitar Bar

A smattering of old guitars and groovy fluorescent skating-rink stars decorate the walls, and Dan Electro's corner stage has played host to too many local and regional names to count (most often blues, folk, roots-rock and hard rock).

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  • Hughes Hangar

    Hughes Hangar

    2811 Washington Houston, TX 77007

    Located just a few yards from the final resting place of troubled Texas tycoon Howard Hughes, the swank and expansive Hughes Hangar would have been the ideal place for the playboy businessman to take his Hollywood conquests were he still around in the 21st century. Except that he probably wouldn't like the whole "being around humans" thing. Nonetheless, Hughes Hangar is a shining addition to the jet-set Washington Avenue, with an extensive backyard dotted with couches and canopies, plenty of mingling space, and a low-key indoor-harem feel to the hangar itself. Be sure to check out the food menu if you feel like having some of the best and richest macaroni and cheese on the avenue. By the way, that dish pairs nicely with one of the bar's signature whiskey drinks. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Ike's Place

    5802 Fulton Houston, TX 77009

    A rotund gentleman named Vic drops us some knowledge as he hands us a Budweiser from his bucket. "This is a chill spot, bro, the of type of place where you pre-game before getting into trouble someplace else". We watch the Astros as we sit at the long, granite bar in a pleasantly frigid room that sits next to the new MetroRail line in Lindale Park. The couple to my right are enjoying a few Cervezas Modelos after a long day at the office. The rest of the bar is drinking Bud Light, as the majority of the Tejanos in El Northside do. Except Vic... he drinks Coors Light. "I'm part of a BBQ Cooking Team that is sponsored by Coors. I can't be caught drinking nothing else!" Whatever you're drinking, Ike's is definitely the place to do it. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • J. Black

    J. Black's Feel Good Lounge

    110 S. Heights Blvd. Houston, TX 77007
    713-862-7818 This Austin import is much more laid-back than your typical clubs and bars along Washington Avenue and features a full menu — not just bar bites — that allows you to select from dishes such as sliders, salads and starters as well as a huge lineup of pizzas. You can even make your own pizza with a huge selection of toppings to choose from. Brunch features everything from elegant fare to "Texas-sized breakfast tacos." Cocktails lean toward the classic side and the draft beer lineup features plenty of locals. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Kung Fu Saloon

    Kung Fu Saloon

    5317 Washington Houston, TX 77007
    713-864-0642 Kung Fu Saloon is another in an increasingly busy line of bars catering to drinkers who grew up playing Mortal Kombat and NBA Jam after school and want to meld adult drinking life with childhood. The concept proved popular in Austin naturally, making a niche for itself in that city's busy bar scene, so the owners branched out back east. There are large crowds on the weekends and on "Little Friday", but the bar's decadent bar food menu makes up for your trouble. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Lava Rock

    Lava Rock

    4219 Washington Ave. Houston, TX 77007
    936-827-0056 Lava Rock used to be the Dubliner, a quaint Irish-themed bar, which was a welcome change from the usual dance-oriented clubs on Washington. In the summer of 2012 though it changed into Lava Rock, a louder and more aggressive animal featuring live DJs and a more boisterous crowd. What was once a -- reasonably -- quiet outpost is now a budding dance club with a dedicated weekend warrior crowd. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Lei Low Bar

    6142 N Main St Houston, TX 77009

  • Liberty Station

    Liberty Station

    2101 Washington Houston, TX 77007

    Housed in a converted filling station, Liberty Station is a comfortable, open-air watering hole in the less glitzy but no less charming part of Washington Avenue, closer to the like-minded Dark Horse Tavern a block or two to the west. The bar has a revolving niche-beer list, with favorites like Fireman's #4 and Southern Star represented alongside top-shelf bourbons like Bulleit. Most nights a food truck of some sort is set up outside, serving either gourmet tacos or custom hamburgers. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Little J's

    4218 Washington Ave. Houston, TX 77007

  • Little J's Sports Bar

    4218 Washington Ave Houston, TX 77007

  • Woodrow's (Heights)

    1200 Durham Drive Houston, TX 77007

  • Little Woodrow

    Little Woodrow's (White Oak)

    2631 White Oak Drive Houston, TX 77009 Inhabiting the spot once known as Beer Island, this expansion of the Little Woodrow's empire into the Heights is built for speed. White Oak, a street already bustling with life in the wake of Fitzgerald's rebirth a few years back, already has its share of bars but this one proves that this area's growth is real. All the standard Woodrow's traditions apply here, like the great beer selection and the kooky wall art. Expect this one to be busy for every happy hour due to the young urban professionals that dot the surrounding neighborhood. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Little Woodrow's on Shepherd

    720 Shepherd Dr. Houston, TX 77007

  • Luke

    Luke's Ice House

    903 Durham Drive Houston, TX 77007
    281-888-7028 The former Cahill's On Durham location has been reborn as Luke's Ice House. It's a tad brighter than the former incarnation, and there's more backyard seating for those rare breezy Houston evenings. The concentration here is on (most) Texas beers and they serve up Texas-sized burgers, so it's perfect for Houston game days. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Manor On Washington

    Manor On Washington

    4819 Washington Houston, TX 77007
    713-426-0123 Just across the street from the ever-popular Soma Sushi, Manor made its home on Washington Avenue in 2009. Boasting an impressive interior and substantial back patio, the club is deceptively large given its slender exterior. With DJ booths both inside and out, the crowd never stops moving - but fear not, there are dozens of booths and even more stools to take respite from the dance floor. Even the patio area offers a bevy of leather seating and numerous tables to rest your drinks and feet. Two full bars outside and four wells inside mean less waiting for a drink. Don't dream of showing up in sneakers, though - the discerning eyes at the door will turn them (and you) away. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Mr. A's

    3409 Cavalcade Houston, TX 77009

  • Nox


    4701 Nett Houston, TX 77007
    N/A Nox may be located a couple blocks off Washington Avenue, but it's a quintessential Washington nightspot just the same. Open Friday through Sunday, the bar requests patrons don respectable duds and be at least the experienced age of 25 years old. However, Nox's lack of rampaging 21st-birthday parties hardly prevents things from getting wild: The sizable dance floor is almost always flooded with people, and bottle service (complete with lighted bottles) stokes a healthy party atmosphere. A large glass room, complete with its own bar and available for private affairs, offers some shielding from the pulsating masses. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Outlaw Dave

    Outlaw Dave's Worldwide Headquarters

    6502 Washington Ave. Houston, TX 77007
    713-862-3283 The brainchild of noted Houston radio bad boy Outlaw Dave, his bar on the far west end of Washington Avenue has everything you would expect from a bar bursting from his mind. Whiskey, eats, beautiful people, musical memorabilia, and a mini radio studio in the corner make up the inner decor. A big backyard and patio should be heaven for outdoor parties and cook-offs too. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Pearl Lounge

    Pearl Lounge

    4216 Washington Houston, TX 77007

    Pearl Bar seems like the old guard of Washington Avenue haunts at this point, originally opening in the old Mary Jane’s/Fat Cat space what feels like eons ago and ushering in the wave of new drinkeries that swept onto the strip. There’s lots of room for dancing, and the long bar has plenty of space for customers to order up their drink of choice. When the music or the crowd becomes too much to handle, just spill out onto the large back patio for some fresh air. Currently Pearl Bar is only open Friday and Saturday, with plans to add Sundays this coming April. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Porch Swing Pub

    Porch Swing Pub

    69 Heights Blvd. Houston, TX 77007
    713-880-8700 Whether dressed in a suit or sporting flip-flops, you will find Porch Swing Pub an all-around laid-back neighborhood bar. The spacious patio full of picnic tables is good for large groups, as ample seating, multiple TV screens and a pool table wait inside. The full bar carries 38 beers on draft and another 30 or so in bottles, with German and Irish brews alongside the usual American standbys. It's easy to forget this one in lieu of the flashier bars off Washington and in Midtown, but this is a top notch spot. Plus, Hickory Hollow and their chicken fried steak is just in walking distance. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Public House

    Public House

    2802 White Oak Drive Houston, TX 77007
    713-880-2337 Public House off White Oak in the Heights is one of the first "grown" bars in the area, surrounded by ice houses and sports-themed joints. This makes the PH a rarity and a must-visit for the tamer set in the neighborhood. Located a few doors down from D'Amico's Italian Market Café, it's also a great after-dinner haunt, if their wine and carbs didn't already do you in. A menu of signature cocktails features the Taylor Lee, made of bourbon, ginger beer, and lime juice, which hits the proverbial spot. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Re-Hab Houston

    Re-Hab Houston

    1920 Houston Ave. Houston, TX 77007
    713-225-1668 Don't let RE-HAB's name fool you. There are no struggling starlets chain-smoking and crying outside, or doctors dispensing methadone to Andy Dick in the back. There's just good beer, whiskey, shadowy stories and a burgeoning neighborhood crowd. (The name is a shortening of "Houston Avenue Bar.") Located on Houston Avenue near the White Oak Bayou bike trails and I-10, RE-HAB is one of the only true bars in its neck of the woods; judging by the amount of development nearby, it probably won't be alone for long. It has a decided ice-house vibe, from the two garage doors to the side patio and crazy salmon-colored interior. Be sure to check out the full suit of armor in the back corner, but you can't try it on no matter how much you beg, plead or tip. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Rebels Honky Tonk

    Rebels Honky Tonk

    5002 Washington Houston, TX 77007
    713-862-7172 Rebels Honky Tonk is faux-country to the hilt, catering to the cowgirls and cowboys that haunt Washington Avenue. This place won't get any scene points from honky-tonk purists, but it will give you plenty to look at and dance to. The place is bigger than life, with oversized deck chairs out back and a kick-ass mural inside that looks like a scene from a Wild West whorehouse. Skimpily-dressed smiley blondes dish out the drinks at the two bars and several beer tubs are located throughout. The crowd is decidedly well-scrubbed and vanilla, but in a perfect world that shouldn't scare anyone away. Of course there is a mechanical bull outside on the patio. That was a silly question. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Rick

    Rick's Den

    1203 Cavalcade St. Houston, TX 77009

    This used to be Oscar's Place for a very long time, but a young man named Rick has converted it into a very nice Tejano dancing venue. Strict dress code is enforced, so take your time getting ready. Inside, the dark room is highlighted with just the right amount of color, not too loud or too blinding, but comfortable. The DJ plays a mix of Tejano, cumbia, and even some tropical. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Roosevelt Lounge

    Roosevelt Lounge

    5219 Washington Houston, TX 77007

    Located off Washington Avenue, Roosevelt is made almost exclusively of brick and glass inside, which makes it look like some swinging space-age '60s bachelor pad - or at least a modern day designer's idea of one. Easily one of the most lush-looking bars in town, Roosevelt definitely skews to an older crowd that wants the upscale party experience, and does pay attention to the dress code. In other words, come correct or don't bother. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

  • Rose Garden

    Rose Garden

    2621 Link Houston, TX 77009

    It's tucked away in that confusing little welter of diagonal streets near where North Main and Airline Drive snake under Loop 610, and it's tiny, so the Rose Garden is literally hard to find. Also concealed is the culture it represents: that of the Polish Texans who came to this city from rural Texas in the years just before and after World War II. That's why the bar is red and white, just like the Polish flag. Read more about this Houston bar or club >>

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