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The Ginger Man Pub

The Ginger Man Pub

Boasting what the bar claims is "America's largest selection of import draughts," the Ginger Man surely has a brew to suit you amongst the 68 on draft and additional 140-150 bottled suds.
Under The Volcano

Under The Volcano

Don't miss the "steak night" special on Monday nights, when a 16-ounce USDA Choice ribeye with tossed salad and mashed potatoes is a bargain.
Dan Electro's Guitar Bar

Dan Electro's Guitar Bar

A smattering of old guitars and groovy fluorescent skating-rink stars decorate the walls, and Dan Electro's corner stage has played host to too many local and regional names to count (most often blues, folk, roots-rock and hard rock).

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  • 3rd Bar

    3rd Bar

    2600 Travis Houston, TX 77006
    713-526-8282 Few Houston bars allow their clientele to enjoy a nationally acclaimed menu as well, but Third Bar does - it's part of Midtown seafood restaurant Reef, which The New York Times called "electrifying and surprisingly intimate." Located to the left of the building's entrance, 3rd Bar serves finger foods like oysters on the half shell and shrimp spring rolls as you knock back a few cold ones. (Reef proper, where you'll be greeted by smiling waiters in blue jeans, is to the right.) Whether you're looking for a romantic dinner or a quick escape from downtown's hustle and bustle, 3rd Bar offers quality service in an upscale yet relaxed atmosphere. Be warned that parking is not always easy to come by, though. Read more about 3rd Bar >>

  • 3rd Floor Bar

    3rd Floor Bar

    2303 Smith St. Houston, TX 77006

    3rd Floor Bar may be situated on top of another Midtown staple, Pub Fiction, but its bird's-eye view of Houston from the massive rooftop patio makes it a clear winner. Wanna know what else makes this rooftop awesome? A little thing called cocktails on tap, not to mention about 50 types of wine on tap. Read more about 3rd Floor Bar >>

  • Absinthe


    609 Richmond Houston, TX 77006
    713-528-7575 Absinthe overflows with lush libations in an unmarked lower Montrose building that looks like an office warehouse. Ideal for date night or a low-key nightcap, the low-lit lounge offers a variety of martinis, beer and wine to accompany signature "Green Fairy" cocktails such as the Hallucinating Melon, Inferno or Hemingway's Revenge. The bar seating is supplemented by some couches up front and tables in the back room. Read more about Absinthe >>

  • Anderson Fair Retail Restaurant

    Anderson Fair Retail Restaurant

    2007 Grant Houston, TX 77006
    832-767-2785 Anderson Fair's inconspicuous location on Grant Street belies its history as one of the nation's oldest and longest-running singer-songwriter venues. It's a past that's hard to forget, as the walls are plastered with hundreds of posters, flyers and photographs of folks who have graced the main room's small stage, including legends Townes Van Zandt and Lyle Lovett. (Look closely and you'll even spot a pair of gold records from Lovett himself.) The cash-only bar serves an array of beer and wine while you take in an intimate performance from some highway-trotting troubadour, and you'll feel the history seeping into your skin. Read more about Anderson Fair Retail Restaurant >>

  • Anvil Bar & Refuge

    Anvil Bar & Refuge

    1424 Westheimer Houston, TX 77006
    713-523-1622 Anvil Bar & Refuge is like the Jay-Z of Houston bars. It can do no wrong, from the food to the drinks to the skill of the bartenders. Since opening in mid-2009, it has become the standard by which most other local bars define themselves. They either want to be better than Anvil, or not as supposedly "snooty" or "posh" as they think it is. Either one is a sign of the impact the Westheimer drinkery has had. You can't drive three blocks inside the Loop without finding a new gastropub either tweaking Anvil's concept or stealing it outright. Anvil makes drinks the way they should be made, with homemade ingredients, craft liquors, loving care, and no soda nozzles or Red Bull. Read more about Anvil Bar & Refuge >>

  • AvantGarden


    411 Westheimer Houston, TX 77006
    832-287-5577 Millions of scenes ago, AvantGarden was called the Mausoleum, and then the converted house went through a variety of structural and aesthetic changes to become the folkie playground it is today. Local singer-songwriters' acoustic jangle routinely packs the house as listeners sip Shiners, Merlot or the venue's trademark fruit-infused homemade concoctions. (Try the sangria.) Many of Houston's best-known troubadors count AvantGarden as the first venue they ever played in front of a large audience, either in the upstairs performance space or downstairs among the fireplace, mirrored walls and European-style divans. Something interesting, if not downright captivating, is happening here most nights of the week - regular tango, jazz, and open-mike nights (both music and comedy), to name just a few. Read more about AvantGarden >>

  • Bar Munich

    Bar Munich

    2616 Louisiana St. Houston, TX 77006
    713-523-1008 In the midst of Midtown's bustling bar universe sits Bar Munich. The bar's Web site heavily touts its German leanings, a welcome change from Midtown's usual yuppie hustle and bustle - but don't get too excited, there are no busty girls in dirndls serving suds or oom-pah bands playing on the patio. Think modern Germany, where you might find Teutonic twentysomethings taking up WiFi space and watching soccer matches. Read more about Bar Munich >>

  • Bartini

    1318 Westheimer Road Houston, TX 77006-2615

  • Bayou City Bar & Grill

    Bayou City Bar & Grill

    2409 Grant St. Houston, TX 77006
    713-522-2867 Right across the street from South Beach in the heart of Montrose is Bayou City Bar & Grill, a quaint and more intimate version of its neighbor. It gets a bit crowded on the weekends, but Bayou City is also one of the area's livelier spots during the week. A dance floor and a few places to sit surround the bar in the middle of the club, which serves up $2 domestic beers from 4-8 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. Tuesdays are also amateur strip night, and the ever-popular "50-cent Fridays" are still in effect. The black lights on the dance floor are harsh on white clothing, but with the amount of bare skin on display here, that isn't too much of a problem. Read more about Bayou City Bar & Grill >>

  • Boheme Cafe & Wine Bar

    Boheme Cafe & Wine Bar

    307 Fairview Houston, TX 77006
    713-529-1099 Boheme's moody lighting, wraparound patio, and eclectic smattering of classy chairs and couches make for a charming atmosphere to enjoy Montrose's neighborhood color. Boheme's homemade sangria is a big hit, and thanks to the second bar on the back patio, grabbing a drink is even faster when there's a weekend crowd. The menu features bistro-style American and European upscale-casual fare. Read more about Boheme Cafe & Wine Bar >>

  • Bond

    2700 Milam St. Houston, TX 77006-3528

  • Boondocks


    1417 Westheimer Houston, TX 77006
    713-522-8500 Since opening in Summer 2007, Boondocks has become the third corner of the Lower Westheimer triangle with Poison Girl and Catbirds. It's not just the stellar jukebox, massive smoking area outside, or the storied but seldom-working photo booth - it's that any night of the week, you can experience any scene or genre you want. Boons very much represents young Montrose, and has gone through a few changes recently. It's become more geared to electro nights and dance parties, and has instituted karaoke on Sunday evenings. It's still the best bet in Montrose for holding a throwdown with a big group of friends, or just lounging on the patio with the rest of the tobacco-loving crowd in the evening. Read more about Boondocks >>

  • Catbirds


    1336 Westheimer Houston, TX 77006
    713-523-8000 Located just a few blocks past the Montrose and Westheimer intersection, the jazzy Catbirds is a quiet bastion of old-school cool in the neighborhood. It has a unique vibe that can't quite be pinned down. It's ridiculously bright inside, the better to see all your nightly conquests we suppose. The drinks are never mild, the beer is always cold and there are always shenanigans going down on the small wood patio. Some nights bar staff can be seen tending to a barbecue pit on the front sidewalk, for those not down with the fast-food offerings surrounding the bar. Most nights all of your boutique beers and liquors are on special, and the Jagermeister flows like water. Read more about Catbirds >>

  • Celtic Gardens

    Celtic Gardens

    2300 Louisiana St. Houston, TX 77006
    713-900-2500 Celtic Garden come armed with a huge – we mean it – patio full of tables, televisions, and comfy seating, the bar seems more like a place to plop down until closing time rather than a evening jump-off point. During good weather, the inside bar also becomes the outside bar, with shutters than can come to serve those in the A/C and those braving the elements. Celtic Garden is incredibly clean, no frills, except for those sleepalicious couches of course, and worthy of a visit for those looking to hold court with a big crowd. Stick with the Garden for the long haul and you will be rewarded. Read more about Celtic Gardens >>

  • Cezanne Jazz Club

    Cezanne Jazz Club

    4100 Montrose Houston, TX 77006
    713-522-9621 Touted as one of Houston's best jazz clubs, this snug but comfortable space resides above the Black Labrador pub near the intersection of Richmond and Montrose. Cézanne is only open Friday and Saturday from 8:30 p.m. until midnight, but the music usually packs the place to capacity as patrons line the walls, bar and dozen tables; the grand piano makes a natural centerpiece for the room. The cover charge is automatically added to your bar tab, and guests are required to purchase at least one drink. Read more about Cezanne Jazz Club >>

  • Community Bar

    Community Bar

    2703 Smith Houston, TX 77006
    713-526-1576 Community Bar's atmosphere caters toward more mature adults. Meaning that it is neat and quaint without a lot of cutesy ironic stuff on the walls. It sometimes gets forgotten in the Midtown bar mix, which is a shame. It boasts a stellar bar food menu that fuses several different types of cuisine. The bar's Tuesday steak nights are the truth, and the stuff that Wednesday lunches are made of due to the portion sizes. Read more about Community Bar >>

  • Copa Room

    2416 Brazos St. Houston, TX 77006-1614

  • Crocker


    2312 Crocker Houston, TX 77006

    During the week, Crocker's is a neighborhood gay bar, but the music, lighting and decor - like the stripper pole in the back - make it feel more like a full-on nightclub. On the weekends, Crocker's hires a DJ and becomes just that, and a packed club to boot. Monday through Thursday, happy hour lasts from the moment the doors open at 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., with $2 wells/domestics and $3 imports/calls all the way to closing time on Mondays and Wednesdays. And if the weekend was a little too crazy, Crockers even has its own surefire hangover cure - $1 vodkas from noon until close on Sundays. Read more about Crocker's >>

  • Daiquiri Bar & Grill

    945 W. Main St. Houston, TX 77006-4920

  • Doc

    Doc's Bar & Grill

    1303 Westheimer Houston, TX 77006 The original Doc’s opened in 2005 on South Congress Avenue in Austin, housed in a former auto-repair shop that was owned by a guy nicknamed Doc, hence the name and automotive theme. The bar expanded to two more locations in Austin and now has ventured into Houston with this location in Montrose. Doc’s serves upscale bar food such as burgers, sliders, wings, nachos, tacos, salads, and more, including an all-day breakfast menu. Craft-beer lovers will appreciate the selection of more than 50 beers on tap, including upwards of 30 from Texas. The Houston location stays true to the repair-shop theme, with garage doors that can be opened up when the weather is nice, old gas-station signs and even an old rusted-out truck parked under the sign out front. The front patio allows for good people-watching along this busy stretch of Westheimer. Read more about Doc's Bar & Grill >>

  • Dog House Tavern

    Dog House Tavern

    2517 Bagby Houston, TX 77006

    DHT is a spacious and dark place, located a block from Spec's in the heart of resurgent Midtown drinking district. What you get is a relaxed and sleepy vibe, even when the pool tables in back grow lively with sharks of varying talent. The front of the house has plenty of tables and leather benches to sprawl your party out on, or just resign yourself to another glass of well bourbon. Parking can be an issue with the small commercial lot filled with non-drinking folk early in the evening, but by the witching hour you should be aces. Read more about Dog House Tavern >>

  • EJ's Bar

    2517 Ralph St. Houston, TX 77006-2428

  • EJ

    EJ's On Ralph

    2517 Ralph Houston, TX 77006
    713-527-9071 EJ's is hidden in plain sight, just off a Westheimer cross street in the heart of Montrose. Despite its somewhat nondescript entrance - a door with a sign next to it bearing the club's name - inside patrons will find a modernized, mildly upscale bar with reasonable prices, a friendly staff and several rooms to explore. One is filled with couches and comfy chairs, another is a pool room, and yet another holds a stage for the amateur male strip nights on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The bar itself is set in the middle of the final room, giving customers a 360-degree radius in which to purchase beverages, perhaps to take to the jungle-like two-story patio out back. By the way, EJ's opens at 7 a.m. Seriously. Read more about EJ's On Ralph >>

  • Epic Lounge

    3030 Travis St. Houston, TX 77006-3642

  • Fame

    4704 Montrose Blvd. Houston, TX 77006-6122

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