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The Ginger Man Pub

The Ginger Man Pub

Boasting what the bar claims is "America's largest selection of import draughts," the Ginger Man surely has a brew to suit you amongst the 68 on draft and additional 140-150 bottled suds.
Under The Volcano

Under The Volcano

Don't miss the "steak night" special on Monday nights, when a 16-ounce USDA Choice ribeye with tossed salad and mashed potatoes is a bargain.
Dan Electro's Guitar Bar

Dan Electro's Guitar Bar

A smattering of old guitars and groovy fluorescent skating-rink stars decorate the walls, and Dan Electro's corner stage has played host to too many local and regional names to count (most often blues, folk, roots-rock and hard rock).

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  • Fix Lounge

    2707 Milam St. Houston, TX 77006-3544

  • The Flat

    The Flat

    1701 Commonwealth Houston, TX 77006
    713-360-7228 Best known for its frozen mojitos, this laid-back bar is literally in the neighborhood - it's a converted house surrounded by residential domiciles. Open every day from 7 p.m.-2 a.m., the Flat also serves Jamaican-American-style grub. Local artwork that gets changed out every few months hangs on the yellow walls, and DJ-spun house is the musical flavor of choice. Some say the Flat's most impressive feature is the back porch, which looks contemporary but feels like it's entirely made of found and recycled pieces. Here, patrons keep it quiet for the neighbors, and can actually hear each other's conversations. Read more about The Flat >>

  • GAGE Lounge

    GAGE Lounge

    2600 Travis Houston, TX 77006
    832-649-2354 The name of this new colorful Midtown lounge, GAGE, is an acronym that stands for Grape, Agave, Grain and Earth. Grape represents the extensive wine choices available here; Agave and Grain represents the cocktails created with agave nectar, bitters and herbs; and Earth represents the variety of food selections available. They take their mixology very seriously here, but at the same time, cocktails like the “Funicello Crusher,” a mixed-berry cocktail named in honor of beach-party movie star Annette Funicello, and the “Raspberry Beret,” a variation on the kamikaze named after the classic Prince song and made with fresh-pressed raspberries, deliver a sense of nostalgic fun to patrons. The decor is inspired by fashion trends and interior design from the '60s through late '80s, and music and videos from these periods are played here as well. The food is restaurant-quality, with some of the current favorites being the Texas Brisket Panini and the Smoked Salmon Plate. Read more about GAGE Lounge >>

  • The Gaslamp

    479 McIlhenny St Houston, TX 77006

  • George

    George's Country Sports Bar

    617 Fairview Houston, TX 77006
    713-528-8102 One of the more relaxed establishments in the heart of gay Montrose, George's is a true Texas bar among the row of venues on Fairview. With a casual atmosphere and friendly crowd, George's extended happy hour keeps the cheep beer flowing and lively conversation bubbling. Everything from Brooks and Dunn to Liza Minnelli and Britney Spears blares from the Internet jukebox as the cowboy-hat and T-shirt clad crowd scatters around the pool table and electronic dartboards, or parks at the bar to watch whatever's on the tube. Read more about George's Country Sports Bar >>

  • Glo Club

    507 W. Main St. Houston, TX 77006-5616

  • Gould 2000 Co.

    613 Welch St. Houston, TX 77006-2127

  • Grand Prize Bar

    Grand Prize Bar

    1010 Banks Houston, TX 77006
    713-526-4565 Since opening in late summer 2010, GP has become sort of a one-stop shop for anyone looking to mingle, eat and drink where Montrose meets the Museum District. Owner Brad Moore and his team of expert, award-winning mixologists are all responsible for the bar's ongoing success. The joint comes with a full bar on each floor, both stocked with all kinds of beverages and an ever-changing custom cocktail list. Come hungry, since their kitchen is fully operational. Read more about Grand Prize Bar >>

  • Griff

    Griff's Houston

    3416 Roseland St. Houston, TX 77006
    713-528-9912 Griff's, a very neighborhood-oriented sports bar, serves standard, artery-clogging bar food all day up until closing time. The interior is comfortable and worn - read: this falls on the dive side of the dive-fancy spectrum, in a good way - and the patio is spacious. Friday and Saturday nights bring dollar Lone Stars and a DJ-fueled party atmosphere, but most other times you can enjoy a reasonably peaceful bite in a 45-year-old bar. Tuesday is steak night and Wednesday brings pork chops, both for around ten bucks. Read more about Griff's Houston >>

  • The Harp

    The Harp

    1625 Richmond Houston, TX 77006
    713-528-7827 Eclectic seating arrangements are the order of the day at this Irish pub on lower Richmond. The Harp feels more like a living room or a backyard lounge than a bar, which on some nights is the only cure for your ills. You can take your pick from stools at the bar, couches in the nooks and crannies, or tables both inside and out. Beware of errant darts on Wednesdays, when citywide competitions can get fierce. Blame the strong pours when you show up to work with a (new) dart wound. Read more about The Harp >>

  • The Hay Merchant

    The Hay Merchant

    1100 Westheimer Road Houston, TX 77006
    713-528-9805 The Hay Merchant is much more than just a beer bar, despite its pedigree under owner and beer guru Kevin Floyd. Its equally talented chef, Antoine Ware, makes sure of that and turns out everything from high-end bar snacks like crispy pig ears and fries covered with Akaushi chili and Redneck cheddar to full-on entrées like lamb sweetbread po-boys and a "big-ass bowl of gumbo." Unlike its sister bar, Anvil, there is ample room inside and no liquor to be found. After all, this is a beer lover's bar, first and foremost. The list of beers in this uniquely Montrose haunt is enough to make even the most stern devotee of Bud Light convert the craft side. Read more about The Hay Merchant >>

  • Helios

    411 Westheimer Road Houston, TX 77006-3029

  • Hue

    202 Tuam St. Houston, TX 77006-3306

  • Jackson

    Jackson's Watering Hole

    1205 Richmond Ave. Houston, TX 77006
    713-528-2988 With Ruthie's and the Harp down the street, and Grand Prize just around the corner, Jackson's is in prime Montrose drinking company. The front patio is spacious and dotted with picnic tables, and the pours are strong as the bartenders are friendly. Read more about Jackson's Watering Hole >>

  • JR

    JR's Bar & Grill

    808 Pacific Houston, TX 77006
    713-521-2519 Pounding techno and male go-go dancers collide with a Texas-saloon atmosphere at JR's Bar & Grill. The longtime Montrose establishment is famous for its weekly amateur strip contests, drag shows and karaoke nights -- and offers pool tables, video games, multiple TV screens and a patio out back when the stage is dark. The light of pocketbook will no doubt give thanks for the $1 vodka well drinks on Mondays, along with JR's other daily "recession-buster" specials and occasional catered buffets. Read more about JR's Bar & Grill >>

  • Khon

    Khon's Wine Darts Coffee Art

    2808 Milam Houston, TX 77006
    713-523-7775 Khon's isn't exactly in a neighborhood - in fact, it's the heart of a Midtown strip center several streets away from any houses - but it has a neighborhood feel. It's a haven for creatives looking for a bit of refreshment, be that beer and wine or coffee and tea, open seven days a week, every day of the year. The cooler is stocked with loads of icy brews from around the Gulf Coast, including some hard-to-find Louisiana beers, and the extensive sake menu has a selection of tasting flights. Owner Khon Lu supports the local arts community by featuring both visual art on the walls and live music in the bar. Read more about Khon's Wine Darts Coffee Art >>

  • La Cueva Tequila Lounge

    2312 Crocker St. Houston, TX 77006-1912

  • Liquid Lounge

    224 Emerson St. Houston, TX 77006-4567

  • Little Woodrow

    Little Woodrow's (Midtown)

    2306 Brazos Houston, TX 77006
    713-522-1041 On the corner of Brazos and Hadley in Midtown, this never-ending outdoor patio of a bar has been there for 11 years. Little Woodrows in Midtown has something to offer its patrons every day of the week. Besides $2.75 Texas beers all day Monday, $4.25 25-ounce domestics Tuesdays and $3 frozen mimosas Saturdays and Sundays until 7 p.m., Little Woodrow's hosts turtle racing on Thursdays, which is also Ladies Night. That's right, turtle racing. Little Woodrow's eight small snapper turtles have become mascots for the bar, but if they don't keep you entertained, then darts, bean-bag toss, shuffleboard and frequent cookoffs might do the trick. Read more about Little Woodrow's (Midtown) >>

  • Lola

    Lola's Depot

    2327 Grant Houston, TX 77006

    Lola's has existed as an end-all stopping point for an untold number of hard working, life-living folks for years upon years, and alternately a slippery end to any bender of an evening. It functions properly as the counterpoint to the high-end, high-dollar nightclubs that dot the neighborhood it's in. Lola's Depot: Cheap drinks, rich experiences. Read more about Lola's Depot >>

  • The Lounge on Montrose

    4704 Montrose Blvd. Houston, TX 77006-6122

  • Lowbrow Bar

    Lowbrow Bar

    1601 W. Main St Houston, TX 77006 The scene's new kid on the block, Lowbrow has a lot checking out, starting with delicious food and a fantastic "For Your Liver" menu full of Scotch and Mezcal. Don't pop in too early, though. Wait until mid-afternoon to come down, but it'll be well worth it. Read more about Lowbrow Bar >>

  • Michael

    Michael's Outpost

    1419 Richmond Houston, TX 77006

    Michael's Outpost on lower Richmond is a neighborhood gay bar by day and piano bar by night. It's on the small side, but the clientele and staff are friendly to those who don't run afoul of the bar's zero-tolerance policy for nonsense. The drinks are affordable too, with $2.75 wells and domestic longnecks until 8 p.m. every day. Dartboards, two pool tables and a jukebox are available, and card games are popular at the large round tables in the back. Those in search of mere conversation will find bartenders and regulars more than happy to talk about anything and everything. Read more about Michael's Outpost >>

  • The Midtown Drinkery Bar & Grill

    The Midtown Drinkery Bar & Grill

    2416 Brazos Houston, TX 77006
    713-805-5988 There was a time when all the drinkers in town were leaving Midtown for the well-dressed expanse of Washington Avenue, but this new addition to the Drinkery family (there's also one on Washington) proves that Midtown needed a little color in its nightlife. Housed in the old Cheerz Shot Bar locale, the Midtown Drinkery doesn't deviate from the mold of its Washington elder, but there's also action going on upstairs on the second story inherited from the old tenants. The Washington crowd is slowly trickling back to Midtown for the Thursday-through-Sunday exploits, and this tavern off Bagby is welcoming one and all with open arms. Nights can be very loud and packed, so be sure to stake your spot at a table or on the patio on the weekends. Make an evening of it by hitting up Houston's newest Tex-Mex darling, El Xuco Xicana, located just around the corner. Read more about The Midtown Drinkery Bar & Grill >>

  • Montrose Mining Company

    Montrose Mining Company

    805 Pacific Houston, TX 77006
    713-529-7488 Cheap, strong drinks, friendly service and muscular male dancers working hard for the money are just a few of Montrose Mining Company's perks. Long a favorite of Pacific Street's "Leather and Levis" crowd, the Mining Company is a sight to behold. The wood floors and barrels give the nondescript building's interior a modern-country feel and amiable vibe, and the spacious outdoor patio provides all the fresh air you can breathe when this mine's quarters start getting a little too close. Read more about Montrose Mining Company >>

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