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The Ginger Man Pub

The Ginger Man Pub

Boasting what the bar claims is "America's largest selection of import draughts," the Ginger Man surely has a brew to suit you amongst the 68 on draft and additional 140-150 bottled suds.
Under The Volcano

Under The Volcano

Don't miss the "steak night" special on Monday nights, when a 16-ounce USDA Choice ribeye with tossed salad and mashed potatoes is a bargain.
Dan Electro's Guitar Bar

Dan Electro's Guitar Bar

A smattering of old guitars and groovy fluorescent skating-rink stars decorate the walls, and Dan Electro's corner stage has played host to too many local and regional names to count (most often blues, folk, roots-rock and hard rock).

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  • The New Barn

    1100 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX 77006

  • The Next Door Bar

    The Next Door Bar

    2020 Waugh Houston, TX 77006

    Quite a change of pace from its more quaint neighbor Rudyard's, The Next Door offers a darker edge to the neighborhood. Next Door's smallish front patio is always smoky and dark, and the main room is red-lit and there's no need to dodge errant darts. You don't need to be a punk or metal lifer to enjoy Next Door Bar, but it would be a lot cooler if you were. Read more about The Next Door Bar >>

  • Poison Girl

    Poison Girl

    1641 Westheimer Houston, TX 77006
    713-527-9929 A sign behind the bar commands patrons to "Drink Like An Adult," just above a list of their selection of American-bred whiskeys. In a neighborhood full of younger bars catering to trendier crowds, Poison Girl stands out for its maturity. It's the bar for when you grow out of dance nights and just want to drink something strong to unwind from working for the Man. Before the smoking ban passed, this place was a Marlboro-sponsored sauna. But PG expanded its back patio to accommodate the smokers and give the less-heartier lungs a break. On weekends, it is hard to find a place to sit, inside or on the patio. So come early to stake out a spot at one of the chalkboard tables, complete with a stick of chalk to do your filthy doodles. The row of pinball machines on the back wall is sure to pique your interest by beer three. We highly recommend the Family Guy game. Read more about Poison Girl >>

  • Proof Rooftop Lounge

    Proof Rooftop Lounge

    2600 Travis St. Houston, TX 77006
    832-767-0513 It seems like every few years another owner tries their luck with the spot above Reef on Travis. Varieties of clubs have inhabited the rooftop space, and Proof is now the newest. Truth be told, it's a pretty spot and the nearby skyline is legit, but getting a steady crowd in every weekend is the hard part. Here is hoping the newest Midtown influx will help Proof's chances. Read more about Proof Rooftop Lounge >>

  • Pub Fiction

    Pub Fiction

    2303 Smith Houston, TX 77006
    713-400-8400 Pub Fiction is the quintessential Midtown bar, catering to the well-scrubbed folks who come out to play after dark, while also helping out the drinking class with killer happy-hour prices and daily specials. Homebodies and fanatics will appreciate the abundant, strategically placed TVs tuned to sporting events all year long, with plenty of seating throughout (including a few plush couches for the birthday girls). The bar's red corner stage hosts live music, mostly DJs and pop cover bands, on the weekends, and the huge front patio facing Smith Street is perfect for people-watching and hollering at the crowds crawling to and fro all night. Read more about Pub Fiction >>

  • Ram Bar

    4315 Montrose Blvd. Houston, TX 77006-5823

  • Revelry on Richmond

    Revelry on Richmond

    1613 Richmond Avenue Houston, TX 77006
    832-538-0724 Revelry on Richmond is an upscale craft-beer and sports bar, as well as a full restaurant. The menu is designed by Artisans Restaurant chef Michael Sanguinetti, who trained the staff and continues to drop in to consult. The food is upscale bar food such as appetizers like nachos or fresh-baked pretzels to share with a friend; burgers that are available with beef patties, boneless chicken breasts, ground turkey or black bean patties; or a Pork Porterhouse steak with mashed potatoes, among other items. The place is kind of a beer lover's paradise, with 40 rotating local and craft brews on tap; the beers are listed by name as well as their IBU and ABV numbers on TVs above each side of the bar. Besides beer, though, Revelry offers wines, a full bar and specialty drinks like the Frozen Red Bull and Vodka, which tastes a little like a Slurpee from 7-Eleven but leaves you feeling happier when you're done. The bar has a total of 27 TVs that show just about any sporting event you can imagine, even a couple on the outside patio for you to watch. The bar had the windows looking out on the front patio open when we visited, but the place still managed to stay cool in the summer heat. Read more about Revelry on Richmond >>

  • Ripcord


    715 Fairview Houston, TX 77006

    Ripcord has a reputation for being a "rough" bar thanks to its more than 25 years as Houston's premier "Leather and Levis" establishment and weekend nights can sometimes look like a reunion of the cast of Cruising. Go during the week, though, and you'll find much more of a neighborhood vibe. Thursday is classic rock night, a definition that seems to include everything from .38 Special to Television. Maybe not the place to bring your straight friends, since the scrotally enhanced painting over the stage seems to draw a line in the sand, but a great place to meet for drinks and good bar conversation in an attitude-free zone. Read more about Ripcord >>

  • Rosemont Social Club

    Rosemont Social Club

    910 Westheimer Houston, TX 77006
    832-530-4698 When you first walk into the Rosemont Social Club, you find a cozy little lounge with a small outside patio, but head upstairs to discover the real draw of the place: the large indoor/outdoor rooftop bar that offers up a nice overhead view of the corner of Montrose and Westheimer. If you arrive for afternoon happy hour on a hot day, misting stations and large tents are set up on the roof to keep you cool and shaded; when the sun goes down on Friday and Saturday nights, DJs get the party started spinning Top 40 and EDM. The Rosemont's fun, relaxed crowd, largely a melting pot of Montrose residents, enjoys the custom craft cocktails like the Strawberry Basil Smash or Oaxacan Ruby, along with the bar's generous beer and wine selection. Nice bites to eat here include smoked hummus, angus beef sliders and flatbread sandwiches. Lastly, come grab a Bloody Mary, a mimosa, a frozen lemonade (with vodka), or one of many other specialty cocktails on their ever-changing list during the popular Sunday brunch. Read more about Rosemont Social Club >>

  • Royal Oak Bar & Grill

    Royal Oak Bar & Grill

    1318 Westheimer Road Houston, TX 77006
    281-974-4752 Royal Oak Bar & Grill is located just yards away from Boondocks and shares the same ownership, but is considerably quieter without being a snooze. The décor displays an attention to detail rarely seen in Montrose, as the wood flooring, leather seating, upstairs lounge, televisions, indie-rock soundtrack, Prohibition-era portraits on the walls and chandeliers made from deer antlers all create a unique neighborhood experience. Food here includes humongous personal pizzas, shrimp and grits, and a heap of truffle fries that eats like a meal. Be sure to check out the front patio, which faces Westheimer for optimum people-watching; sitting outside here is cheaper than a movie ticket and just as entertaining. The Wednesday happy hour is whiskey-centric and well worth a stop. Read more about Royal Oak Bar & Grill >>

  • Rudyard


    2010 Waugh Houston, TX 77006
    713-521-0521 Where else in Houston could you see Valient Thorr, eat a near-orgasmic cheeseburger (seriously, it's kinda sexy), watch the Rockets on the tube and play a game of drunkenly dangerous darts all in the same night? Rudyard's, that's where! Located just off Waugh in the Montrose and amidst town homes and sketchy backstreets, its charm isn't manufactured or pre-packaged like all the other corporate "pubs" in town. Rudz is a product of its environment through and through, populated by our city's own indie musicians and artists. The beer menu is lively and always changing, so be sure to stop by frequently to taste some of the state's best micro-brews. Also, the bathroom wall graffiti is the best in town. The above-average bar food is popular. Read more about Rudyard's >>

  • Sage County

    2416 Brazos Street Houston, TX 77006

  • Saint Dane

    Saint Dane's Bar & Grille

    502 Elgin Houston, TX 77006
    713-807-7040 Formerly the home of Late Nite Pie, Saint Dane's still opens and closes by means of the original garage doors. Since one of SD's owners has a Saint Bernard and the other has a Great Dane, their idea was to make SD a dog-friendly neighborhood pub with a full menu of low-priced food. The scenery is pretty spectacular too; looking north there's a great view of the downtown skyline. Tuesday night's are hopping evening here, with $1 tacos and of course, pups galore. Read more about Saint Dane's Bar & Grille >>

  • Shot Bar

    Shot Bar

    2315 Bagby Houston, TX 77006
    713-526-3000 Eerily reminiscent of those classic college-town mainstays and a popular transition spot for Midtown nightcrawlers, Shot Bar is right at home in the neighborhood's collection of bars and lounges. Liquors pour forth in all sorts of colors and flavors, as the packed crowd places repeat orders for small doses of booze. Every Thursday through Saturday, a DJ blasts away hot pop and rap tracks as the full house gets down and dirty. Many a ladies-night party has been spotted slamming back water moccasins or letting fate dictate their selections via the giant shot wheel. You can't miss the wall of shot glasses as you come down the stairs, either - bring your own and the bar will fill it for free before adding it to the collection. Read more about Shot Bar >>

  • Spotlight Karaoke (Midtown)

    Spotlight Karaoke (Midtown)

    2700 Milam St. Houston, TX 77006
    N/A Spotlight Karaoke's Midtown location is a hot bed of embarrassment most nights, as guys and girls take to the bar's tiny stage to warble their best versions of hits by Madonna and Journey. This is a streamlined karaoke bar, with an emphasis on a fun party atmosphere. The main room is built just right to gander at the stage, and a full-length bar keeps the evening lubricated. You can rent a private room for your karaoke party if you can't bear to sing in front of strangers. Read more about Spotlight Karaoke (Midtown) >>

  • Stone

    Stone's Throw

    1417 Westheimer Houston, TX 77006
    832-659-0265 This Montrose bar features a 17-foot gothic back bar with a column of arches and a custom copper and brass tap made to look like an old giant espresso machine. Sixteen different Houston and greater Texas craft beers flow from these taps, or just choose one of the many bottled or canned beers. In addition to a full bar and selection of wine and champagnes, patrons can try one of the bar's original cocktails like the Ginger Rogers or Santa Poca; the Stone's Throw Punch or Summer Seasonal Punch are recommended for thirsty groups and served in two different size punch bowls that serve either 2-3 or 5-6 people. You can also try the punch in an individual glass if you like. Customers can sit downstairs on barstools, in booths, at a long table with fellow patrons, or venture upstairs to sit and people-watch on the balcony. Elegant black velvet couches are also available upstairs. The newly installed tall windows provide a good view of Westheimer and nearby neighbors, or the front patio offers a similar vista. Bacon Bourbon Caramel Corn or Spicy Mixed Nuts are available to snack on while listening to Stone's Throw's exclusively classic-rock playlist. Read more about Stone's Throw >>

  • Swivel Lounge

    2621 Milam St. Houston, TX 77006-2382

  • TC

    TC's Show Bar

    817 Fairview Houston, TX 77006
    713-526-2625 TC's Show Bar is intended for transvestites and their admirers, but all are welcome. Since summer 1999, the nearly hidden bar off Fairview has staged free drag shows at 11 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, plus 8 p.m. Wednesday "matinees." It's a bit dark inside, but the friendly waitstaff, abundant seating and well-lit pool/pinball area keep patrons comfortable. If drag's not your bag, TC's is also stocked with seven flatscreen TVs, a bartop gaming system and an overly diverse jukebox. Sunday is hot dog night. Read more about TC's Show Bar >>

  • Wonder Bar

    Wonder Bar

    2416 Brazos Houston, TX 77006
    281-974-5083 Utilizing a bit of trickery to entertain customers, the bar's zany side draws in Midtown drinkers like bees to honey. The signature "Tube Tinis" - which come in 11 varieties, including Strawberry Basil and Pineapple Chipotle - whiz throughout the bar via vacuum tubes like bank deposits, in sealed doses that are assembled by bartenders on the receiving end. Quirky booths lined with TV screens show the bar's Twitter feed as well as live streaming footage from a nearby camera concealed behind a leaf that keeps Michelangelo's David rather modest. Read more about Wonder Bar >>

  • Wooster

    Wooster's Garden

    3315 Milam Houston, TX 77006
    713-520-0015 This new addition to Midtown is big on craft beer, with more than 49 brews on tap as well as an impressive menu of handcrafted specialty cocktails they plan on expanding to match the number of beers. The crowd here is mostly young professionals who stop by after work as well as people who live nearby who walk over. One thing that really stands out is its big parking lot with 33 spaces; this big lot is utilized on Sundays when several food trucks drop by at 11 a.m. and stay until 10 p.m. Wooster's also serves above-average bar food seven days a week, and is currently building a stage for live music. Read more about Wooster's Garden >>

  • Zimm

    Zimm's Martini & Wine Bar

    4321 Montrose Houston, TX 77006
    713-521-2002 Zimm's is a classy lounge just north of the U.S. 59 bridge. It's a grown-folks drinkery that feels somewhere between an art gallery and a hotel bar, with house music and overstuffed leather furniture adding to the European vibe. Martinis are the house specialty, so there are several to choose from on the menu. The cocktails aren't cheap, but the pours are stiff, especially for customers who take the time to get to know the folks making their libations. Read more about Zimm's Martini & Wine Bar >>

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