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  • Blacksmith Coffee Bar

    Blacksmith Coffee Bar

    1022 Westheimer Road Houston, TX 77006

    Not only can you get a great cup of coffee at Blacksmith; you can also grab a bite to eat. Whether you want the Vietnamese Eggs and Steak or the Biscuit with Creme fraiche and Marmalade, you'll walk away full and satisfied. Each cup of coffee crafted at this Montrose coffee shop is made with care; the beans are perfectly roasted and the taste lingers after each sip. More >>

  • Cafe Artiste

    1601 W. Main St. Houston, TX 77006-4711

  • Eatsie Boys

    Eatsie Boys

    4100 Montrose Blvd. Houston, TX 77006
    713-524-3737 Blending Houston's disparate ethnic cuisines — Vietnamese into Jewish, in the case of Eatsie Boys's matzoh ball pho — into one dish has been one of the best dining trends to come along in recent years and is most often sighted at higher-end places such as Underbelly. But now you can find that same technique in a casual cafe setting since the Eatsie Boys have taken over and remodeled the old Kraftsmen Bakery space into a Montrose-area home of their own. Look for other twists like fried shrimp banh mi and Chinese bao called "pork snuggies," but save room for dessert: The Eatsie Boys sell their famous Shipley's Donut ice cream alongside pastries from a slew of local bakeries. The cafe is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day except Sunday, when it's brunch all day long. More >>

  • Mercantile

    3321 Stanford St. Houston, TX 77006

  • Mings Cafe

    2703 Montrose Blvd. Houston, TX 77006

  • PL Teahouse

    2808 Milam St. Houston, TX 77006

  • Siphon Coffee

    701 W Alabama St Houston, TX 77006

  • Southside Espresso

    Southside Espresso

    904 Westheimer Road Houston, TX 77006
    832-758-7904 Looking for a relaxing, quiet place to sip on coffee and get some work done or read a book? Then head to Southside Espresso, which is located behind Uchi. This Montrose coffee shop is always peaceful and is an excellent place for beautifully designed coffee (and snacks). While you most likely have to use the valet parking service, once you get inside (or outside on the patio) you'll never want to leave. More >>

  • Starbucks


    3407 Montrose Houston, TX 77006
    713-521-7278 Since its founding by a trio of aspiring coffee roasters in Seattle in 1971, Starbucks has grown to become the largest coffeehouse in the world, with upwards of 20,000 locations in Houston and around the world. Named for the chief mate on the whaling ship from Moby Dick, the company didn’t begin chasing the Great White Whale of world java domination until the 1990s, by which time it was opening a new store every day. A turbulent economy has since forced it to retrench, but the chain remains a powerhouse both commercially and politically, thanks to its op-ed-penning chairman, Howard Schultz. A purveyor of whole foods, Starbucks typically farms out its secret recipes to a single, Starbucks-owned bakery in each city, and now sells a good deal of its coffee beans at grocery stores. Find any and all local locations on Voice Places. More >>