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  • Private Home

    4220 Dallas Houston, TX 77023

  • Raul C. Martinez Courthouse Annex

    1001 S. Sgt. Macario Garcia Houston, TX 77011

  • Remarket

    4302 Harrisburg Blvd. Houston, TX 77011

    Remarket is a monthly market with a goal -- they foster responsible consumerism by offering vendors that use recycled and reused materials to create sustainable crafts. There's also garage sales, a swap meet, and a place to drop off your recyclable goods. They've even got live music going to keep you entertained while you shop or swap. More >>

  • The Summit

    The Summit

    3536 Navigation Blvd. Houston, TX 77003 Leading the charge for DIY spaces in Houston in the 21st century, this East End venue hosts live music, movies, private parties, video-game tournaments, dining, art galleries, classes and workshops. The owners chose the name as an homage to the old Houston Summit which hosted Houston Rockets basketball games, concerts and other events. It was later renamed the Compaq Center after the computer company bought the naming rights; it is now home to The Lakewood Church. In addition to attempting to reclaim the name for the city, this new Summit's stated goal is to promote and preserve Houston's creative community in all forms, without being beholden to any outside interests. More >>

  • Taft McWhorter Fine Art

    2219 Canal St. Houston, TX 77003

  • Talento Bilingue De Houston

    Talento Bilingue De Houston

    333 S. Jensen Drive Houston, TX 77003
    713-222-1213 For nearly 40 years, Talento Bilingue de Houston has fostered and showcased the cultural wealth readily mined in Houston's East End and beyond.Talento began in 1977 as a theater program and has since branched out to include mariachi music, video and film production, dancing and a summer art camp for children. The center frequently teams up with institutions like the Houston Symphony for special events. More >>

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