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  • Raul C. Martinez Courthouse Annex

    1001 S. Sgt. Macario Garcia Houston, TX 77011

  • Remarket

    4302 Harrisburg Blvd. Houston, TX 77011

    Remarket is a monthly market with a goal -- they foster responsible consumerism by offering vendors that use recycled and reused materials to create sustainable crafts. There's also garage sales, a swap meet, and a place to drop off your recyclable goods. They've even got live music going to keep you entertained while you shop or swap. More >>

  • Taft McWhorter Fine Art

    2219 Canal St. Houston, TX 77003

  • Talento Bilingue De Houston

    Talento Bilingue De Houston

    333 S. Jensen Drive Houston, TX 77003
    713-222-1213 For nearly 40 years, Talento Bilingue de Houston has fostered and showcased the cultural wealth readily mined in Houston's East End and beyond.Talento began in 1977 as a theater program and has since branched out to include mariachi music, video and film production, dancing and a summer art camp for children. The center frequently teams up with institutions like the Houston Symphony for special events. More >>

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