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  • National Oak Park

    310 E. Sealy Alvin, TX 77511

  • Neon Moon Saloon

    Neon Moon Saloon

    1201 S. 16th St. La Porte, TX 77571

    This place is sweet -- it's biker and cyclist friendly -- so anything on two wheels is welcome. Not that they'll turn you away if you pull up in your Prius, mind you, but still. Feel free to ride your chopper over to The Poop Deck, Galveston's long standing biker bar on the seawall. It's got a dirty pirate feel to it, this place. Imagine all the hijinks those naughty pirates got themselves into over a pint of rum, and now throw in some bikers, and that's what we picture The Poop Deck being. Awesome, right? Yeah, we'll meet you there Saturday. We'll be the nerds on the two wheels with no engine. That's how we roll. More >>

  • The New Community Music School

    1529 Bonnie Brae Houston, TX 77006

  • Nico's Place

    22610 State Highway 494 Loop Houston, TX 77339

  • Nomad Tavern

    Nomad Tavern

    2133 Bingle Road Houston, TX 77055
    713-468-0020 There isn't anything obviously special about Nomad Tavern, and that might be what makes it special. It is a wine and beer bar in Spring Branch and that's it. Don't expect much more than that. Sometimes, that's all that you need, you know. Oh, also, there are no shortage of bikers, and they let you bring your own liquor, so act accordingly. More >>

  • Northgate Music Festival

    1821 E. 29th St. Bryan, TX 77802

  • Notsuoh


    314 Main Houston, TX 77002
    713-409-4750 In the midst of all the hip-hop gals strutting their shimmery stuff down the way and businessmen letting loose over a pint or two over at the Flying Saucer lies the ever-freaky Notsuoh. Yes, all you English majors out there, that is in fact Houston spelled backwards. Owner Jim Pirtle's iconic bar and music venue has the lockdown on the strange and transient downtown vibe. Notsuoh is an oasis of insanity in a part of town still undecided on what it wants to be. Most nights you can find a handful of homeless guys out front preaching their gospel next to a group of hipsters smoking American Spirits and sniffing incessantly about their new noise project. It's a side of Houston that maybe the tourism board doesn't want you to see, but it's Houston nonetheless. Rest assured that no two Notsuoh experiences are ever the same. More >>

  • NRG Arena

    NRG Arena

    8400 Kirby Drive Houston, TX 77054

  • NRG Center

    NRG Center

    8400 Kirby Houston, TX 77054

  • NRG Park

    1 Reliant Pkwy Houston, TX 77054

  • NRG Stadium

    NRG Stadium

    2 Reliant Park Houston, TX 77054

  • Numbers


    300 Westheimer Houston, TX 77006
    713-526-6551 One of the oldest dance clubs in Houston, Numbers caters to the anti-sunlight crowd without alienating those who just want a cheap beer and a good time. It seems that the more the area changes around the club, the more it manages to stay the same. And that's what patrons like about Numbers. It doesn't exactly cater to trendy whims, which is refreshing. More >>

  • Nutty Jerry's (Winnie)

    18291 Englin Road Winnie, TX 77665