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  • O'Shea's

    108 E. Edgebrook Houston, TX 77034

  • Old Houston Ice House

    19285 Old Houston Road Conroe, TX 77302

  • Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe

    Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe

    413 20th Galveston, TX 77550

    Owner Wrecks Bell, immortalized in the Townes Van Zandt song "Rex's Blues," says his folkish honky-tonk is one place "where the lyrics still count." From behind the ornate, sheet-music-encrusted bar, Bell serves up draft beer, bass guitar licks and one-liners with equal aplomb to a mixed crowd of shrimpers, ne'er-do-wells and hippies, and the club -- with it's Van Zandt shrine on one wall, trippy '60s style canvases on all the others and Texas flag behind the stage -- is the antidote to the cheesy tourist gunk that plagues G-town. More >>

  • On The Bayou

    On The Bayou

    6405 Richmond Houston, TX 77057

  • On-Line

    On-Line Houston, TX 77002

  • The Orange Show

    The Orange Show

    2402 Munger Houston, TX 77023
    713-926-6368 Once an unprepossessing bungalow, this only-in-Houston labor of love/shrine to citrus fruit was cobbled together over several decades by postal worker Jeff McKissack, an eccentric fellow who believed that oranges were the key to longevity. McKissack transformed the house utterly - there's a small amphitheater outside, folk-art maxims testifying to orange power on the walls, mannequins scattered about in pro-orange propaganda tableaux. It's really hard to explain - you'll just have to see it for yourself. The foundation that runs the place books some really cool indie rock, neo-folk, avant-garde hip-hop and roots rock shows, which should give you even more incentive to see this totally unique art space. More >>

  • Orbit Room

    2524 McKinney St. Houston, TX 77003

  • Oscar's Creamery

    1201-C Westheimer Houston, TX 77006

  • Outback Pub

    3100 Fountain View Dr Houston, TX 77057

  • Oxford Hall

    1135 Oxford Baytown, TX 77520