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  • 2727 Canal

    2727 Canal St. Houston, TX 77003

  • 4202 Screen Printing Gallery

    4202 Canal St Houston, TX 77003

  • Azteca Fairgrounds

    7710 E. Freeway Houston, TX 77020

  • BBVA Compass Stadium

    2200 Texas Ave. Houston, TX 77003

  • Black Barbie

    Black Barbie

    3621 Canal St. Houston, TX 77003
    281-743-8328 Like fellow East End venue The Summit less than half a mile away, Black Barbie is an up-and-coming DIY space. This new venue has been used for special events including live music, art shows, painting, yoga, dance, sculpting lessons, silent auctions, and recording. It is so new, in fact, when we visited on a recent afternoon we saw signage from the building's previous occupant, El Mante Taqueria & Minimarket still up on the building–we aren’t sure if the Black Barbie owners added the painted smiling face to it. Recent musical acts tend to lean towards indie rock, punk, garage and metal. More >>

  • Civic TV Collective

    2119 Dallas St. Houston, TX 77003

  • Cryolab

    2819 Pease St. Houston, TX 77003

  • East Side Social Center

    4202 Canal St. Houston, TX 77003 The East Side Social Center is a community collaboration that provides a venue for local and incoming performance artists and musicians. They host everything from weekly book clubs to rowdy punk shows, all in one space. More >>

  • East Side Social Center

    4202 Canal St. Houston, TX 77003 The East Side Social Center is a community collaboration that provides a venue for local and incoming performance artists and musicians. They host everything from weekly book clubs to rowdy punk shows, all in one space. More >>

  • El Rincon Social

    3210 Preston St. Houston, TX 77003

  • Grooves


    2300 Pierce St. Houston, TX 77003
    713-759-9700 Grooves is damn near legendary to the Houston hip-hop scene. This Third Ward bar near downtown is home to some of the best music around and a pretty diverse crowd of younguns and older folks alike. Sure, jazz bands shake things up during the early hours, but once that clock strikes 10 p.m., Grooves becomes a hip-hop Cinderella and throws on its party gown -- with the help of some very talented DJs, of course. More >>

  • Guadalupe Park

    333 S. Jensen Houston, TX 77003

  • Harrisburg Country Club

    Harrisburg Country Club

    3618 Harrisburg Blvd. Houston, TX 77003

    When the day's work is done at the Maxwell House Coffee plant, this old Eastside haunt comes to life. As the factory workers filter in for happy hour rounds of some of the cheapest beer to be found in the city, this sleepy bar comes to life with Tejano blaring on the jukebox. In house entertainment consists of a couple Pool tables that have seen better days and you'd be better off using a tree branch instead of the even more haggard pool cues. But that is just part of the charm, if you're looking for top shelf drinks and super models to hit on; this isn't the place for you. If you're looking for a somewhere to get lost or just a spot to down a couple Lone Stars with a few friends, well you found the right place. More >>

  • Houston Institute of Culture

    708 Telephone Road Houston, TX 77023

  • Houston Makerspace

    100 Hutcheson Houston, TX 77003

  • Indigo Lounge

    2117 Chenevert Houston, TX 77003

  • The Last Organic Outpost - Emile Street Community Research Farm

    The Last Organic Outpost - Emile Street Community Research Farm

    711 N Emile Houston, TX 77020
    832-422-8407 The Last Organic Outpost’s Emile Street Community Research Farm in the Fifth Ward was started by “Farmer Joe” Icet in 2001, when dirt was first brought in and laid down over the cement parking lot of the old Comet Rice Mill, creating topsoil that vegetables and other crops from around the world are grown in year-round. The site has thrived and expanded with the help of dedicated volunteers, and serves as a model of how to create a farm in a small urban area. This nonprofit's focus is Fifth Ward, which Icet describes as a food desert. Skillshare programs give everyone in the community and beyond an opportunity to come out and learn how to grow crops using organic methods without pesticides. Volunteers can keep food that they grow here; other crops are sold to visitors, local restaurants and farmer’s markets, with surplus food given to people in the community. The group also does outreach throughout Houston, with the goal of building a production-farming local labor force that develops and sustains local natural resources. The Last Organic Outpost is described by Icet as a mix of art, farming and community, and in addition to the farm, art projects have been built on the site and a stage has been erected for local musicians to play during events and festivals throughout the year. More >>

  • The Orange Show

    The Orange Show

    2402 Munger Houston, TX 77023
    713-926-6368 Once an unprepossessing bungalow, this only-in-Houston labor of love/shrine to citrus fruit was cobbled together over several decades by postal worker Jeff McKissack, an eccentric fellow who believed that oranges were the key to longevity. McKissack transformed the house utterly - there's a small amphitheater outside, folk-art maxims testifying to orange power on the walls, mannequins scattered about in pro-orange propaganda tableaux. It's really hard to explain - you'll just have to see it for yourself. The foundation that runs the place books some really cool indie rock, neo-folk, avant-garde hip-hop and roots rock shows, which should give you even more incentive to see this totally unique art space. More >>

  • Orbit Room

    2524 McKinney St. Houston, TX 77003

  • The Summit

    The Summit

    3536 Navigation Blvd. Houston, TX 77003 Leading the charge for DIY spaces in Houston in the 21st century, this East End venue hosts live music, movies, private parties, video-game tournaments, dining, art galleries, classes and workshops. The owners chose the name as an homage to the old Houston Summit which hosted Houston Rockets basketball games, concerts and other events. It was later renamed the Compaq Center after the computer company bought the naming rights; it is now home to The Lakewood Church. In addition to attempting to reclaim the name for the city, this new Summit's stated goal is to promote and preserve Houston's creative community in all forms, without being beholden to any outside interests. More >>

  • Super Happy Fun Land

    Super Happy Fun Land

    3801 Polk Houston, TX 77003
    713-880-2100 If you are a Houston-area band or musician with an otherwise unclassifiable sound, then Super Happy Fun Land is your paradise. Located off a shadowy side of Polk next to a haunted-looking train crossing, SHFL is one of the last bastions of weird in Houston (aside from spirit brother Notsuoh). You can find bands playing at this art-space/venue almost every single night of the week. A few months back, Monotonix played part of their show inside the men's bathroom. The inner décor is curated by a hella arty team who also run the proceedings with an extremely understanding hand. Make sure to buy a sock monkey on the way out. More >>

  • The Green Room -- Warehouse Live

    813 St. Emanuel Houston, TX 77003

  • Warehouse Live

    Warehouse Live

    813 St. Emanuel Houston, TX 77003
    713-225-5483 Warehouse Live has about a million things going for it. Let's start with the obvious: the booze is cheap, and you have at least six places to get your liquid fix. The sound system is awesome, as are the venue's sight lines, in both the main ballroom and the smaller studio setting. Even cooler is the air conditioning. True, rock and roll is meant to draw sweat and stank, but some nights you just want to literally chill out and see a band without buying stock in Right Guard. The venue just added a quiet bar inside the building for when you feel like taking a break in between bands to get away from the throngs in the other rooms. More >>

  • White Swan

    White Swan

    4419 Navigation Blvd. Houston, TX 77011
    713-923-2837 From the outside, this music venue on Navigation built in the late 40s looks like a run-down corner store. But once inside all those memories of Cokes and candy are coated over with Budweiser posters plastered on the wall and beer paraphernalia scattered literally everywhere. White Swan is also one of the best places in town to catch punk, grind and noise bands away from the usual spots and attitudes found in Montrose. If you feel like drinking a lot but are on a budget, they offer eight dollar half-gallon jugs of Budweiser draft, as well as a wide selection of bottled beers to choose from. More >>

  • Wonky Power Live

    3534 Navigation Blvd Houston, TX 77003