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  • Acadia Bar & Grill

    Acadia Bar & Grill

    3939 Cypress Creek Pkwy Houston, TX 77014
    281-893-2860 This north Houston live-music venue has been around since 1982, the last three years of which have brought back the rock after a short stint as a karaoke bar. Food is served seven days a week, with Thursday designated as steak night; a Pot Luck Barbecue goes down on the patio Sundays at noon. Jack and Coke and bottled Budweiser are the drinks of choice here, though the owner says flavored vodkas and martinis have been added for the ladies. A few craft beers are on tap as well, but music is the main draw here. Hard rock and metal acts play live Wednesdays through Saturdays and most Sundays, taking advantage of Acadia's impressive light show and sound system. If music is not your thing, stop by Thursday nights for the foosball tournaments or Mondays for the pool league. The owner says Acadia always has a laid-back atmosphere and friendly customer service, crediting this to his 16 years experience working at House of Blues. Smoking is allowed inside, due to one of those Harris County districting plans we don’t quite understand. More >>

  • Amazonia Discotheque

    Amazonia Discotheque

    11449 N. Freeway Houston, TX 77060
    281-260-9885 Amazonia sits on the corner of a north Houston strip center, where it entertains a host of Spanish-speaking clientele Thursdays through Sundays. Live music or DJs draw in the crowd most nights, but Thursday's soundtrack is the universal language of karaoke. With a lot of reggaeton, other tropical rhythms and hip-hop bouncing through the speakers, Amazonia's dance floor stays almost too crowded. Patrons can find relief at one of the two big bars in the corners, though, or settle in at the tables scattered around the walls. More >>

  • Bayou Sports Bar & Grill

    6011 Addicks Satsuma Road Houston, TX 77084

  • BlackJack

    BlackJack's Bar & Grill

    16103 W. Little York Houston, TX 77084

  • BMMG Musical Instruments / H & H Music

    10303 Katy Freeway Houston, TX 77024

  • Cristin's Night Club

    10110 Hammerly Houston, TX 77080

  • Dominic's Restaurant and Wine Bar

    10655 Katy Freeway Houston, TX 77024

  • Habitat House

    10037 Hazelhurst Drive Houston, TX 77080

  • HCC Spring Branch Performing Arts Center

    1010 W. Sam Houston Parkway N. Houston, TX 77043

  • The Hop (North)

    Fm 1960 at Kuykendahl Houston, TX 77090

    This is definitely your father's gig. If you think Nirvana is, like, old, or that the Dave Clark Five were bank robbers from Killeen, you're in the wrong place at this windowless disco in the middle of strip mall, um, nirvana. Most nights the DJ spins everything from Buddy Holly to the Beach Boys to the Bee Gees, so it's the place for boomers who refuse to let go of the past or the younger folk who think modern alt-rock isn't worth a darn. Occasionally, bands are booked along the same lines -- hardy perennials Vince Vance & The Valiants are a fave draw. More >>

  • The Junction

    8302 N. Eldridge Houston, TX 77041

  • Koozie's Ice House

    7337 Alabonson Road Houston, TX 77088

  • Las Llardas

    2406 Gessner Houston, TX 77080

  • Millie's

    2201 Bingle Road Houston, TX 77055

  • Monnalisa Bar

    Monnalisa Bar

    800 Sorella Ct Houston, TX 77024
    713-973-1600 Within the still-burgeoning CityCentre - not in central Houston at all, but where I-10 meets Beltway 8 on the far west side - Monnalisa is Hotel Sorella's in-house bar. As such, patrons should expect hotel-bar prices, but Monnalisa compensates with a rich atmosphere and modern feel. Besides an open-flame fire pit anchoring the room, amenities include a gorgeous above-bar chandelier, secluded booths along the back wall and a long, curvy couch on a small landing near the bar. Patrons can also slip out the door to lounge by the blue-lit pool on the second-floor deck. More >>

  • Nomad Tavern

    Nomad Tavern

    2133 Bingle Road Houston, TX 77055
    713-468-0020 There isn't anything obviously special about Nomad Tavern, and that might be what makes it special. It is a wine and beer bar in Spring Branch and that's it. Don't expect much more than that. Sometimes, that's all that you need, you know. Oh, also, there are no shortage of bikers, and they let you bring your own liquor, so act accordingly. More >>

  • The Plaza at CityCentre

    800 Town & Country Blvd. Houston, TX 77024

  • The Plaza at CityCentre

    800 Town & Country Blvd. Houston, TX 77024

  • Puffabellys Old Depot Restaurant

    Puffabellys Old Depot Restaurant

    100 Main St. Houston, TX 77037
    281-350-3376 With its woody aesthetic and walls festooned with vintage gas station and beer signs, Puffabelly's tries to evoke a railroad nightclub from the days of yore, albeit a highly sanitized one that happens to be located in the middle of a high-spending tourist mecca. All those peanut shells on the floor aren't an example of sloppiness: You're encouraged to shuck 'em and chuck 'em, but goobers aren't the only thing on offer here. In addition to serving a full menu and basic bottled beer, Puff's also has a small performance stage, featuring regular country and folk singer-songwriter nights during the week (with both local and regional artists) and the occasional touring band on the weekends. But don't expect to see Boxcar Willie jumping off the train from the track near the door. More >>

  • R & R Sports Bar & Grill

    R & R Sports Bar & Grill

    1840 Barker Cypress Houston, TX 77084
    281-578-2704 R&R Sports Bar & Grill takes the dark and smoky approach to its decor, with long bar tables and a small stage made for off-key karaoke. Push the chairs aside and you can show that you were made for dancing all night long to the pub’s featured live bands. Or you can get onstage and start your own: This month, R&T hosts Big Slick and Inside Out. In addition to the live and homemade entertainment, R&R has daily drink specials, with $2 margaritas or $3 pint beers. From Thirsty Thursdays to Ladies Night, there’s always something going on here. More >>

  • Sammy's

    16232 Loch Katrine Houston, TX 77084

  • Sunset Strip

    2425 Mangum Road Houston, TX 77092

  • Tequila Texas Grill & Bar

    351 Greens Road Houston, TX 77060

  • Traders Village

    Traders Village

    7979 N. Eldridge Houston, TX 77041
    281-890-5500 60-acre market with kids' rides, restaurants and special events. More >>

  • Uncle Albert's Pub

    6172 Barker Cypress Houston, TX 77084

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