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  • Bottoms Up Bar & Grill

    9505 Almeda Genoa Houston, TX 77075

  • Doneraki Authentic Mexican Restaurant

    Doneraki Authentic Mexican Restaurant

    300 Gulfgate Mall Houston, TX 77087
    713-645-6400 Tastefully decorated with saltillo tile floors and a huge copy of a Diego Rivera mural, the Gulfgate Doneraki is one of the best-looking Tex-Mex restaurants in town. Like all classic Tex-Mex operations, Doneraki claims its chips and hot sauce, chile con queso, fajitas and cheese-stuffed jalapeños are "authentic Mexican." Bless their hearts. More >>

  • El Rodeo Disco

    El Rodeo Disco

    10531 Gulf Freeway Houston, TX 77034
    713-947-0535 Passing by this spot on the Gulf Freeway feeder during daylight hours, one might think little of the El Rodeo sign unassumingly hanging in the corner of a big-box strip center. Come Friday and Saturday nights, though, El Rodeo's doors are the portal into a swirling sea of Norteño culture. (Saturdays the masses are moved via DJ, but Friday nights are all band-driven.) Not only does the massive dancehall reach its 1,600-person capacity, but also multiple adjacent parking lots are brimming with cars and trucks. While the crowd reaches critical proportions, El Rodeo's six giant bars will sate your thirst no matter how many belt buckles you are competing against. What's more, a taco truck posted outside makes a perfect late-night noshing solution when last call comes around. More >>

  • Gabby

    Gabby's Barbecue

    4659 Telephone Road Houston, TX 77087
    713-649-3055 The decor is mostly wood and stone, with lots of cowboy pictures and memorabilia lining the walls. The smoky, extra-spicy sauce is what makes most of the mediocre barbecue bearable here. But the ribs are moist, juicy and tasty, making the All You Can Eat Ribfest ($15.99) on weekends the best deal going. More >>

  • The Gardens Houston

    12001 Beamer Road Houston, TX 77089

  • Jammer's Ice house

    9500 Monroe Houston, TX 77075

  • Jr's Lounge

    3435 S. Richey Houston, TX 77017

  • Kelvin's Corner

    3356 Yellow Stone Houston, TX 77021

  • L&J Lounge

    5259 Griggs Houston, TX 77021

  • The Lite House Pub

    125 E. Edgebrook Houston, TX 77034

  • O'Shea's

    108 E. Edgebrook Houston, TX 77034

  • Reggae Soca Village

    4560 Holmes Road Houston, TX 77033

  • Warehouse

    4108 Dupont Houston, TX 77021