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  • Amnesia Disco

    5865 Gessner Houston, TX 77036

  • Arena Theatre

    Arena Theatre

    7326 Southwest Fwy Houston, TX 77036
    713-988-1020 With a capacity of about 2,750, Sharpstown's Arena Theatre is the redheaded stepchild of Houston music venues. Even with all the competition it has these days, the Arena manages to keep the lights on most nights out of the month. Its calendar is constantly crowded with music across a wide variety of styles, including R&B, blues, country, rap, Latin and rock, plus comedy, boxing and MMA fighting. The seats are comfortable, the concessions are reasonable (even the cocktails), the sound is clean, the rotating stage never ceases to be a novelty and the gallery of posters for past shows in the walkway leading from the parking garage is second to none. More >>

  • Bayou City Event Center

    9401 Knight Road Houston, TX 77045

  • Club Krystal

    6909 Hillcroft Houston, TX 77081

  • Double T's Bar & Grill

    14933 Bellaire Houston, TX 77083

  • Elvias Cantina-Dine & Dance

    Elvias Cantina-Dine & Dance

    2727 Fondren Rd Houston, TX 77063

    Okay, it's billed as a restaurant and cantina, but nobody ever, ever eats here. This downtown Houston hot spot is just for dancing. Flamenco shows and salsa lessons warm up the early crowd, and live cumbia and merengue bands take over after 10 p.m. Novices beware: The competition on the dance floor can be cutthroat. More >>

  • Emmit's Place

    4852 Benning Drive Houston, TX 77035

  • Extasis

    6115 Hillcroft Houston, TX 77081

  • Freedom World Ranch

    7326 SW Freeway Houston, TX 77074

  • The Gin Mill on the Bayou

    10744 W. Bellfort Houston, TX 77099

  • The Hideaway On Dunvale

    The Hideaway On Dunvale

    3122 Dunvale Houston, TX 77063
    713-977-3515 Steve Selfridge has created what might be Houston's most underrated - and therefore perfect - dive bar way out west on Dunvale at Richmond. You can smoke cigars on the sprawling patio. You can order ten-pound buckets of crawfish in season. You can eat a whole lobster or a steak-and-baked-potato on the cheap during certain nightly specials. And you can usually see some excellent blues and and classic rock cover bands while you're chowing down. Better yet - even if you don't bring a friend, you'll likely have made a few by the time you leave. More >>

  • International Ballroom

    14035 S. Main Houston, TX 77035

  • Island Resort

    12180 Bissonnet Houston, TX 77099

  • Jack's For Cocktails

    11720 Wilcrest Houston, TX 77099

  • Ken's Club

    6824 Wilcrest Houston, TX 77072

  • Los Tios Mexican Restaurant

    Los Tios Mexican Restaurant

    9527 Westheimer Houston, TX 77063
    713-784-0380 This 42-year-old chain serves classic Houston Tex-Mex with great frozen margaritas, ceviche, fajitas and traditional combination plates like the Acapulco Dinner (beef taco, guacamole, queso over a crispy shell, cheese enchilada, tamale, chili gravy, rice and beans). More >>

  • Metropolis & Extravaganza

    Metropolis & Extravaganza

    8925 Richmond Ave. Houston, TX 77063

    If you haven't been to Metropolis, you're really missing out. It's enormous, with one of those two-for-one club things going on, which will mean something when you see the equally intimidating line outside. Just remember, as you stand and wait to be given the once-over, it'll all be worth it in the end. Beers, bachata, and babes. More >>

  • Milan Pavilion

    6603 Harwin Houston, TX 77036

  • Mongola's Cucina Italiana

    11786 Wilcrest Houston, TX 77099

  • Paradise Hall

    9344 Richmond Ave. Houston, TX 77063

  • Preet Pavillion

    11040 SW Freeway Houston, TX 77074

  • Reception Hall

    10880 Bissonnet Houston, TX 77099

  • Rose Garden Hall

    11244 Beechnut St. Houston, TX 77072

  • Royal Hall

    11919 Bissonnet St. Houston, TX 77099

  • Royal Palace

    11939 Bissonnet Houston, TX 77099

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