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  • East End Studio Gallery

    708 Telephone Road Houston, TX 77023

  • EastDown Warehouse

    EastDown Warehouse

    850 Mckee St Houston, TX 77002
    832-665-1734 Eastdown Warehouse's expansive warehouse-district space was originally home to a furniture-delivery business before being converted to a live music venue that also houses a small art gallery where local artists can display their work. EastDown is unique in the Houston DIY scene in that there is plenty of room for patrons to move about or dance when they come out to see a band play or a DJ spin records; the elbow room is much appreciated. Eastdown hosts a lot of distinct events besides music, like burlesque shows, comedy acts and all-day parties that feature a variety of different types of entertainment and activities, sometimes with free food and admission. Check Eastdown's Facebook page to see what is coming up next. More >>

  • Edna’s Room at The Grand 1894 Opera House

    2020 Postoffice St. Galveston, TX 77550

  • Edythe Bates Old Recital Hall and Organ

    6100 Main Houston, TX 77005

  • El Dorado Ballroom

    2301 Elgin Ave. Houston, TX 77004

    From the depression era until about 1970, the Eldorado was the city's top upscale blues and jazz club. A roll call of the greats that have played there is endless - suffice to say that on one long weekend in the 1950s, Guitar Slim, Etta James, Clifton Chenier, Jimmie Reed and Charles Brown all played at "the home of happy feet." (Reed, James and Chenier on the same bill!) Desegregation spelled the club's doom, as well as that of most of the rest of the once-thriving black-owned businesses on nearby Dowling Street - the happy feet found other homes. Until 2003, when the artists of nearby Project Row Houses reopened the club. Now a historical landmark, today the club is open on special occasions. More >>

  • Eleanor Tinsley Park

    Eleanor Tinsley Park

    500 Allen Parkway Houston, TX 77002

    As Wayne Coyne of renowned Oklahoma rock band The Flaming Lips once noted, Eleanor Tinsley Park operates as a “natural amphitheater.” Even in the blistering heat of summer, few things are cooler than listening to a fabulous band while sprawled out on Tinsley’s large grassy hill, as the downtown Houston skyline acts as a stunning backdrop. Formerly known as Buffalo Bayou Park, Tinsley is swarmed by tens of thousands of Houstonians and out-of-towners each year for the annual Free Press Summer Fest and a variety of other festivals, including the city’s annual Fourth of July fireworks show. During quieter months, joggers and dog walkers still pack the park, though there's plenty of room for everyone. More >>

  • Encore Theatre

    4715 Main Houston, TX 77002

  • Ensemble Theatre

    Ensemble Theatre

    3535 Main St. Houston, TX 77002
    713-520-0055 Founded more than 30 years ago "to preserve African-American artistic expression and to enlighten, entertain and enrich a diverse community," Midtown's Ensemble Theatre gets better each season. The stage fare is distinctly varied and indefectibly produced with the company's usual high polish and downtown sass. With musicals, comedies, dramas and every combination thereof, the talent on display is prodigious, the works are given definitive productions and all that's needed is your presence. You can reach Ensemble by our beloved Metro light rail — the stop's right across the street. How convenient is that for great, enlightened theater? More >>

  • ETC/East End Theater Co

    2317 Ships Mechanic Row, Galveston Galveston, TX 77550

  • Express Children's Theatre

    446 NW Mall Houston, TX 77092