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  • Hope Stone, Inc.

    Hope Stone, Inc.

    1210 W. Clay St. Houston, TX 77019
    713-526-1907 Most Houston arts companies would say that they want people of every color, size, age, gender, ethnicity and ability in their audience. Hope Stone, founded in 1997 and located in the River Oaks/Montrose area, goes one better and puts people of every color, size, age, gender, ethnicity and ability onstage, too. Choreographer/artistic director/resident janitor Jane Weiner (hey, that's her joke, not ours) is the driving force behind the dance company and school, and it's her "everybody's welcome" philosophy that guides the group. Year-round classes are available for kids and adults, and the professional company puts on full seasons in Houston in addition to touring. More >>

  • Houston City Dance Studio

    1307 W. Clay St. Houston, TX 77019

  • Stages Repertory Theatre

    Stages Repertory Theatre

    3201 Allen Parkway Houston, TX 77019
    713-527-0123 Stages is one of Houston's most best-known theaters. The non-profit company, housed in a mid-sized facility on a side street near Allen Parkway and Waugh, puts on both new and classic comedies, dramas and musicals on two stages - the 171-seat Yeager Theater and the 229-seat Arena Theater. More >>