26th Annual KTRU Outdoor Show

26th Annual KTRU Outdoor Show

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Rice University - Central Quad
6100 Main St.
Houston, TX  77005-1827
Houston’s KTRU is celebrating an incredible anniversary this year: 50 years as one of the city’s most reliable nonconformist media outlets, and a crucial FM advocate for noncommercial music of all stripes. For now, Rice Radio’s footing on low-power frequency 96.1 FM seems secure, just one of the many reasons to toast the station at its 26th annual spring outdoor gathering on the campus’s Central Quad. Headlining are a pair of artists from the Windy City, poetic R&B singer-songwriter Jamila Woods and frequent Chance the Rapper collaborator Saba, over an impressive roster of local and regional talent that hews true to KTRU’s eclectic and artist-first mission: the ethereal electronica of Austin’s Bayonne (a.k.a. ex-Houstonian Roger Sellers); gonzo local jazz outfit Free Radicals, who’ll celebrate their 20th anniversary later this month; charming indie-pop quartet Rose Ette; the Eastern-tinged spiritualism of Florida’s the Mayapuris; and KTRU’s 2017 Battle of the Bands winner, the enigmatically named Steve Cox’s Beard. All this, plus food trucks, art installations and a beer garden, should offer at least a tiny hint as to why Houston is so lucky to have KTRU, so come out and say thanks — the festival is no-cover/all ages, too.
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