2Dope Yogis Presents: Trap Yoga & Tacos *Chopped Up Not Slopped Up Edition*

2Dope Yogis Presents: Trap Yoga & Tacos *Chopped Up Not Slopped Up Edition*



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Warehouse Live
813 St. Emanuel
Houston, TX  77003
Yoga is about centering of the body and mind. Its power can be seen not just in the real world through various applications but also in stillness. One could cry on a mat and find healing and peace. Another person could find themselves entangled in that competitive human emotion where embarrassment or being shown up is not an option. None of that should matter inside of a yoga class. In that small room, everyone around you becomes white noise and it is you versus your mind and spirit. The ideology and concepts can sound contorted to fit certain ideals, but that’s what lifelong Houstonians Alicia Tillman and Victoria Antoinette have said about what yoga does for them. Together, they’ve taken on a specific moniker, 2Dope Yogis, and have created an event, Trap Yoga and Tacos, where releasing toxins from the body and enjoying great music and tacos are the chief benefits. Two months ago, the first Trap Yoga took place at The Space and sold out. The event shifts to Warehouse Live tonight, where they’ve already sold out the Ballroom. [Organizer's description:] Trap Yoga & Tacos is exactly what it sounds like. We replace the calm Himalayan chants with Big Moe, 2Chainz and twerk-inducing music. For Volume 2, we are honoring our Houston roots by taking the music you love and playing it "Chopped & Screwed," which is a technique created by hometown legend, DJ Screw.  The flow will be led by yoga instructor Alicia Tillman, A.K.A Awkward Yoga Girl, who takes you through a fun, challenging, all-levels flow that also requires an explicit language warning.  It gets real.  Afterwards, we skip the protein shakes and instead, give you the best damn tacos Houston has to offer.   Come thru.
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