50th Annual WorldFest-Houston

50th Annual WorldFest-Houston

Courtesy of Team WorldFest


Past Event
$7.50 to $750
Launched in 1961, Worldfest-Houston found a permanent home thanks to some good ol’ Texas oil boys who wanted to bring the independent international festival to Houston. “They’d hit me on my arm and say, ‘Hunnah, you gotta come to Houston!’” says Hunter Todd, WorldFest chairman and founding director. After five years of bruises, Todd relented and moved the festival to the Bayou City in 1978. The annual event has since discovered stars like Steven Spielberg and Ang Lee, and this year celebrates its 50th year as a competitive festival. WorldFest hosts films in ten different categories, including Internet and TV productions — more than the Cannes Film Festival, Todd quickly notes. He boasts: “Here we are at WorldFest showing brand-new movies no one’s heard of, directed by nobodies, starring nobodies, that could be the next Spielberg, George Lucas or Ang Lee.” Various times.

April 21-30, AMC Studio 30, 2949 Dunvale. For information, call 713-965-9955 or visit worldfest.org. $7.50 to $750.


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