A Gary Floyd Weekend

Photo by David Ensminger


Past Event

Location Info:

Cactus Music
2110 Portsmouth
Houston, TX  77098
Ronald Reagan’s America had few more entertaining, or effective, social critics than Gary Floyd, conservative scourge and a key figure in Texas’s punk scene. As leader of the Dicks, Floyd was one of the era’s most confrontational front men, both in his songs and onstage, infusing songs like “Dicks Hate the Police” and “Saturday Night at the Bookstore” with the same kind of bitter energy and subversive glee as the rabidly anti-fascist agenda of “Anti-Klan” and “No Nazi’s Friend.” Floyd has long since relocated to the more hospitable climate of San Francisco, but maintains plenty of ties to his homeland; his latest memoir, the poster/flyer/photos/lyrics collage I Said That, was edited by musician, professor and sometime Houston Press music writer David Ensminger. Just in time for Pride Weekend, Floyd will be in Houston to sign copies of with Ensminger Friday at Cactus Music. He’ll also appear at Sunday’s benefit for Houston LGBTQ resource center the HATCH, where he and members of the Biscuit Bombs will perform songs from his ’90s band Sister Double Happiness — and maybe a Dicks tune or two, who knows? — alongside locals like Supergrave, Doomstress, Texas Mod Crushers, No Love Less, Screech of Death and more.


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