A Little Taste of Glory

A Little Taste of Glory

Photo by by Nicolett Tsokos, Renaisounds


Past Event

Location Info:

Jackson Place Oasis
4702 Jackson
Houston, Texas  77004
“The kind of art we’re producing, it’s not -suitable for a library,” says Victor “SEIYGE ZELLEZ” Blanchard, co-founder of the Isosceles Krew, the boundary-pushing artist -collective HPD once inadvertently complimented when officers called them “erratic and abnormal,” who are presenters of A Little Taste of Glory, a garden party and art show inspired by Mardi Gras. Like Mardi Gras, the evening — named for a line fans of Nacho Libre should recognize — is “open to the public, there’s no door to walk through, nobody to pay a cover to,” says Blanchard. “There are very few obstacles to having a good time.” The art, themed around categories like hip-hop and superheroes, is curated by the Krew, the food is from Wokker Texas Ranger, and the music is by skacore band Metanoia; even haircuts from Chico El Barbero will be available.

6 p.m. Saturday. Jackson Place Oasis, 4702 Jackson. For information, call 713-301-7888 or visit isosceleskrew.com. Free.


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