a living, breathing brand

a living, breathing brand

Art Scan sample of Brenda O'Connell's "Brand, series"


Past Event

Location Info:

Rudolph Blume Fine Art
1836 Richmond Ave.
Houston, TX  77098
There're always a few fun surprises tucked away in this kind of loose, group show. The organizer's statement ties it in with the tradition of consumerist critique in mid-Century American Pop. That could really mean anything and everything, from Warhol-esque zen to Mark Fisher's grim Capitalist Realism, though, to be fair, the latter wasn't American, though the conditions he described were germane to the way we live now. Brendan O'Connell's Discount Jesus Jesus painting could bookend the Menil Collection's exhibition of Francis Alys' Fabiola project, while Hillerbrand+Magnussen work the cleaner lines of product photography, and Brandon Ray creates modern animations. [Organizer's description:] Artists in this exhibition both respond to and actively work against this notion of Americana. They seek to provide alternate definitions to what American culture is and what might be. These artists carry the torch of the 60s and 70s Pop Art movement and provide a mirror for our own branding tendencies.


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