AGU Ramen Celebrates National Martini Day with Dollar Cocktails


Past Event
$1 cocktails - 2 maximum

Location Info:

AGU Ramen
9310 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX  77063
On Monday, June 19, AGU Ramen's NASA, Westheimer and Washington locations will be celebrating National Martini Day with a $1 martini special. Guests can enjoy up to two martinis - choice of a classic dirty martini or AGU's special Melonllicious martini made with gin, fresh lime juice, watermelon syrup and garnished with a frozen watermelon and honeydew ball - for a buck each with the order of an entree. Haven't quenched your thirst after two, continue to celebrate with half off dirty or Melonllicious martinis. AGU Ramen, Westheimer: 9310 Westheimer Rd AGU Ramen, Washington: 7340 Washington Ave AGU Ramen, Nassau Bay: 1360 NASA Parkway


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