Altered States

Marie Davidson photo by Alex Kacha.


Past Event
$10 to $13

Location Info:

Walter's Downtown
1120 Naylor
Houston, TX  77002
Consider the following collaboration: Nico, Charles Bukowski and David Lynch sit together at Lynch's nightclub, Club Silencio, to discuss sound track ideas for a film titled Un Autre Voyage. After hours in which they try to decipher each other's esoteric communication patterns, an agreed-upon idea emerges: creating a travelogue from an outsider's perspective on America, except one that flirts with realism and abstraction. Like setting the Blade Runner music to Lolita. What emerges from this psychedelic, postapocalyptic mosaic is Marie Davidson, a minimalist electronic artist from Montreal. Armed with a Miniroot, a Monotribe, MSB Step 64, a Korg Delta, a digital eight-track recorder and samples galore, she performs alone, crafting soundscapes that resemble a world not yet imagined.


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