Analia Saban

Brian Forrest Trough (Flesh), 2012 Oil paint on primed canvas 56 x 70 x 9 inches (142.2 x 177.8 x 22.9 cm) Private Collection, New York


Past Event

Location Info:

Blaffer Art Museum
4173 Elgin St.
Houston, TX  77004
View art by Analia Saban as she mixes unconventional methods with wry humor.

[Organizer's description:]

Analia Saban takes a forensic approach to media and their embedded traditions. Surveying art history as if it were a ‘murder scene,’ she peels back layers of material histories and subject matters in search of new directions while exploring the objects that populate her everyday experiences. Saban’s unconventional methods such as unweaving paintings, laser-burning wood and canvas, or molding forms in acrylic paint coalesce with her feminist sensibility through the frequent inscription in the works of her physical and psychic self as well as a good dose of wry humor. Analia Saban is organized by Claudia Schmuckli, Curator-in-Charge, Contemporary Art and Programming at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, CA and former Director at Chief Curator at Blaffer Art Museum, University of Houston.


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