Anarkaoke - Underground Karaoke

Anarkaoke - Underground Karaoke

Graphic courtesy of the Marquee Moon Lounge.


Past Event

Location Info:

Marquee Moon Lounge
7419 Navigation Blvd
Houston, TX  77011
Everyone's a star for five minutes in the woozy, boozy upside-down world of karaoke. If you can read you can sing. Or, for most people, if you can read (while drunk) you can sing. No problem there, thanks to public education and habitual alcoholism, the twin markers of the developed world. Our complaints lie with the selection available in most karaoke environments, which are, like mainstream radio, saved only by the oldies. Anarkaraoke is a mouthful, but really, a mouthful, offering punk rock and other underground tunes to the tuneless, at the Marquee Moon, over on the punk side of town.
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