Anderson + Medrano



Past Event

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Apama Mackey Gallery
628 E. 11th St.
Houston, TX  77008
Artists and Houston Press MasterMind award-winners Anderson + Medrano present an exhibition of new works at Apama Mackey Gallery. The husband and wife team bring a strange sensibility akin to Joel-Peter Witken and Hans Bellmer to their animations and other collaborative art works. The exhibition remains on view until June 14, 2017. Frog Hair, for whom Anderson + Medrano have created videos, will perform a set at the opening reception. [Organizer's description:] Anderson + Medrano, May 4 - June 14, with special acoustic set by Frog Hair. Marking our 15th anniversary, this show has brought us back to our creative roots. The colors and materials and especially the back lit images seen through custom built viewfinders, it all reminds us of the first collaborative works we ever made. Without the constraint of an actual title for the show, we have had the freedom to create without the daunting task of making it all connect to a theme or singular narrative, which is how we used to do it. Back then our collaborative process was much looser. We made art as a reflex, always without giving it much thought, only making whatever it was we wanted to see on our own walls and not what we thought would connect with a viewer. Over the years the process has changed but our rolls as collaborative partners remains the same, Katy Anderson, the photographer and Patrick Medrano, the sculptor/builder/painter. These are uncertain times and for artist this is both an extremely difficult time to be making art but also an extremely important time to be making art. The creation of this show felt urgent, like we had been suddenly primed by all the recent world events and tragedies and it was time for us to go to work, do our job, to reflect, to inspire, to bring hope, to shine our light, to say what we had to say about it. That is what this show represents to us, the cleansing of spirit, the search for higher knowledge and the connection we all have to one another and this earth. The Native Americans believed the occurrence of a white animal was a huge sign of prophecy– a sign from the great spirit that a major shift in their world was to come.


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