Andrés Paredes: "Eternal Spring" Opening Reception

Andrés Paredes: "Eternal Spring" Opening Reception

SAMARA Gallery


2017-09-15 18:00:00
6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. September 15

Location Info:

Samara Gallery
3911 Main St
Houston, TX  77002
Andrés Paredes "Eternal Spring" Opening Reception: Friday, September 15, 2017 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm Exhibition Dates: September 15 – October 28, 2017 Samara Gallery is pleased to present Eternal Spring, a solo exhibition of works by Andrés Paredes. This body of work furthers his fifteen-year long interest in the Paraná rainforest in Misiones and the depiction of its universes. He states, “I choose insects undergoing major transformations, such as butterflies, cicadas and dragonflies, and I place on them the great metaphor of the transformation every human being pursues - the wish to redefine ourselves and change.” Curator and journalist, Ana Martinez Quijano, describes his new body of work stating, “There is a rigorous harmony in the works, and, at the same time, something instinctive; there is a craving for the exploration of shapes, which contain within themselves the signs of an origin and a particular vision of the world. The drawing unfolded within the wood, butterflies and paper laces fluctuates between two-dimensional and tridimensional planes, as in the logs, sprouts and arbors, the cuts and trims allow for light to pass through. In this way, the works project a shadow, which forms their wholeness and maintains a dialogue, filled with nuance and subtlety. In spite of its levity, the freed shadow gets hold of the space and gains an unusual protagonism. Paredes’ designs are loaded with autobiographical narratives, from his most intimate perceptions.” Andrés Paredes (Apóstoles, Misiones, 1979) is an Argentinean visual artist and designer, holding a degree from the School of Arts of the National University of Misiones. In 2017 he formed part of the exhibition The Latin American Experience, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and in 2016, his works represented the Province of Misiones at the Bicentennial of Argentina’s Independence Exhibitions in San Miguel de Tucumán. His works have been incorporated to private collections in Argentina and several foreign countries. He lives and works between Misiones and Buenos Aires, with one workshop in Apóstoles and another in the Art District in La Boca.


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