Autism Parent Info-session: Problem Behavior

Autism Parent Info-session: Problem Behavior

Success On The Spectrum


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Success On The Spectrum
9894 Bissonnet St #500
Houston, TX  77036
[Organizer's description:] Is your child displaying non-compliance or other behavior problems? Come to this SOS workshop and allow our Registered Behavior Therapists to help! This workshop is designed to teach parents how to effectively manage problem behaviors that are often exhibited by children with autism or other developmental delays.

This workshop addresses practical issues and will provide methods for analyzing problem situations and developing strategies to solve problems such as noncompliance with instructions or routines, whining/crying, tantrums, physically aggressive or self-injurious behaviors, obsessive routines, toileting and sleeping related problems


Bring the whole family!

Children will be monitored by a behavior therapist in the playroom during the workshop.

If you have any questions, call us at 346-217-8328


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