Bad Religion and Against Me


Past Event
$29.50 to $32.50

Location Info:

Warehouse Live
813 St. Emanuel
Houston, TX  77003
There aren’t many constants in the world of music, but one of them is that Bad Religion will always deliver live. Call it a byproduct of their having performed their brand of political punk rock for audiences for more than 35 years now, but Bad Religion are a well-oiled machine at this point, seemingly incapable of a bad performance. That 2016 just happens to be a year when many of their messages are resonating extra-hard is a bonus. Sharing the stage with them on this tour is Against Me!, another band that doesn’t shy away from punk rock as a way to get a meaning across. As they mix tracks from the recently released Shape Shift With Me with back-catalog classics, expect much of the crowd to be singing along with modern punk icon Laura Jane Grace. This show might be just the cure to your election-time blues.
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