Location Info:

The Jeannette & L.M. George Theater
5420 Westheimer
Houston, TX  77056
The show's one human character, the Old Man, lives alone in a small apartment in Paris. It is his birthday, but he has gotten out of the habit of speaking--probably because he hasn't anyone to speak to. He seems to have forgotten joy--how to play and interact with others. His life is rather staid and sad, and he is resigned to this. But soon an insistent red balloon floats through his window and ultimately, breaks through his reserve. In contrast to the Old Man, the balloon is boisterous, playful and lighthearted, and it soon charms the Old Man. Balloonacy is a delightful romp of friendship, surprise, joy and improvisation. No two performances will be exactly alike! Eight balloons are used during the production to represent the mood/character of one single, red balloon. Balloon "wranglers" set the balloons in place, and differing amounts of air/helium cause them to drift, sink or rise. The show runs October 21 - November 4. Tickets are $20 for an individual ticket, $10 for groups of 10 or more, and $6 for title one school groups of 10 or more and can be purchased by calling the box office at 713.526.2721 or visiting adplayers.org.
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