Beer & Chips Art Festival

Beer & Chips Art Festival



Past Event

Location Info:

8th Wonder Brewery
2202 Dallas St.
Houston, TX  77003
Anyone who’s ever spent time in a bar can tell you that beer and chips go together like peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, and anything else that goes comfortably hand-in-hand. This kid-friendly traveling art show – returning to 8th Wonder, the very location where the festival made its debut a couple of years ago – promises to bring together work from more than 50 local, national and international artists for an eye-pleasing display, with craft beer and freshly cooked chips on hand to please the taste buds. Since popping up at 8th Wonder, by the way, the festival’s traveled to Dallas and has its sights set on more, hoping to soon bring crunchy and cold treats to people everywhere. [Organizer's description:] Beer and Chips Art Festival is not another average art show instead it has left its presence from Houston to Dallas and still making way to nearby cities while becoming a traveling art show that pops up at the best local breweries and brings the hottest local artists. Not only is there beer, chips, and art, but the show is kid-friendly while free to attend. Rather, during the hot Texas heat or cool breezy days attendees get a chance to relax with a nice cold beer, fresh cooked chips, and fantastic artists that will open your eyes to a whole new side of art. Somehow the show has put a combination that most Texans can’t resist, beer and chips, which always go together. By doing so, this has given a chance for people to indulge in art work from over 50 artists that are born local or in nearby states and even other countries. Beer and Chips Art Festival is making its return to 8th Wonder Brewery, October 22nd, located downtown where it made their first debut. This is another Sunday Funday where Houston can enjoy with friends and family. So remember, what happens when you get real art drawn by real artists? What happens when real Texans drink real beer? You get realness, and that is what “Beer & Chips Art Festival” is about. So come and check out real artists at your local Texan brewery.


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