Bestial Mouths

Photo by Invisible Hour via Flickr Commons.


Past Event

Location Info:

Arlo's Ballroom
2119 Leeland
Houston, Texas  77003
Arlo's has a tiny dancefloor, an overbuilt smoke machine, and huge speakers, so when Bestial Mouths' Lynette Cerezo lets out one of her blood-curdling screams, you're going to feel it just about as quickly as you hear it, and if you can't place where it's coming from, you might scream, too. It's not enough that you control your own frenzied flailings, if those around you lack that poise, someone's going to be shredded before they get bedded. It's a packed bill, the kind of death-rock-und-techno convocation that is sure to flip a few circuit-breakers and scare the church.
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