Betty Who

Photo by Rrenner via Creative Commons


Past Event
$20 to $199

Location Info:

White Oak Music Hall Upstairs
2915 N. Main St.
Houston, TX  77009
Transgressive behavior in a back alley hardly merits a haiku, but the least nugget of trash in a wad of bubblegum pop is a sonnet to the eternal back streets that lead us from youth to corruption. Betty Who’s “Mama Say” combines the throwaway glamour of fast fashion with the poetic verve of the silliest early rock and roll, and the censors should be in every mall, notepads ready. Despite her music conservatory background, her productions are high-gloss and free of pesky, extra notes. Her pizzicatos are icy, but her double-entendres are right out of the Aerosmith chapbook, and her voice is that chimerical mix of thin and throaty best-suited to calling the dogs of summer to heel. Like Kylie Minogue with an updated OS, Betty Who is an icon in the making, another larger-than-life Aussie ready to run the charts.
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