Big Freedia

Photo courtesy of Big Freedia


Past Event

Location Info:

Jones Plaza
600 Louisiana
Houston, TX  77002
There’s nothing in this world quite like a Big Freedia show, and no one quite like Big Freedia. For almost two decades, the bold, brassy bounce queen has brought her signature style of New Orleans dance hip-hop to the world. With an assist from Beyoncé, who featured Freedia on the earth-shattering Lemonade single “Formation,” the artist has elevated her profile and her reach, and with it, a budget to put on a spectacular show. Freedia’s songs are fast and frenetic, loaded with beats that make the whole crowd bump and shake; her performances are hot, sexy and, most important, liberated. There’s no judgment at a Big Freedia show. It doesn’t matter how your body is shaped, how your skin is colored or whether or not the clothes you’re wearing match the gender you were assigned at birth. Big Freedia creates a safe space for all of her fans to have a fun, free, booty-shaking good time.


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