Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club



Past Event

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House of Blues
1204 Caroline
Houston, TX  77002
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s feedback-soaked swagger and burn-it-down attitude makes the L.A. trio an endangered species even within the ailing body of rock and roll itself. This is not a band known to play it safe or follow the herd; if anything, BRMC embraces the end with open arms. Such a breakthrough, the passing of singer/bassist Robert Levon Been’s father, Michael — former leader of ’80s alt-rock heroes The Call, who became the sound tech for his son’s band — inspired BRMC’s most recent album, 2013’s Spectre at the Feast. Ferocious and yearning, Spectre makes a fitting monument to Michael Been’s memory and is easily one of the most potent modern-rock albums of this decade; as they should, BRMC have pretty much been touring on the album ever since. With Toronto bashers Death From Above 1979 on directly beforehand, expect a double dose of mayhem Thursday.


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