<i>Blithe Spirit</i>

Photo by Sammy Green


Past Event
$15 to $18

Location Info:

Playhouse 1960
6814 Gant Rd.
Houston, TX  77066
For those in the mood for comedy with a ghostly undercurrent, Playhouse 1960 has you covered with its production of Noël Coward’s classic Blithe Spirit. Sammy Green, who directs, says the spooky joker is the perfect show for the theater’s Halloween slot. “I personally really love the play,” she says. “With the supernatural elements and the makeup of eccentric personalities, [I knew] this would be a great fit for the Playhouse.” For purists of the 1941 classic, Green’s version makes slight alterations. “We’re not using British accents, because sometimes that’s difficult,” Green says. “I would rather not have poorly done dialects [if it] gets in the way of telling the story.” The production, which stars Allison Schuette, David Herman, Lynn Stevens and Meredith Gaines, also updates the play by setting it in modern times. Green herself describes all these tweaks as minor. “As long as the actors deal with the emotional intent, it all works.”

8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays. Through October 29. 6814 Gant. For information, call 281-587-8243 or visit ph1960.com. $15 to $18.
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