Breakdancing Ronald Reagan

Breakdancing Ronald Reagan

Poster courtesy of Dustin Pilkington


Past Event

Location Info:

La Playa
2719 Alabama St
Houston, Texas  77004
Less a beach than a place where strange sea things wash up, La Playa is a performing arts venue situated within a house in the heart of the Third Ward. On this occasion the haul includes a boatload of flotsam and jetsam from the dark side of the sea. Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, run by Austin noise impresario Jonathan Cash (no relation/don't bother asking) is a usualy shirtless, chaos carny given to making music that could as well be described as a mix-and-match of the central themes of Dancing with the Stars and Weekend at Bernie's 4 as conveyed by a flock of grackles to a speech-to-text generator, as anything else. The rest of the bill goes deep in the black paint, with OG harsh noise artist TEF, caustic emissions from Colorado's Clark Nova, and the loosey-goosey, kosmiche tape-loops and electronic throbbin' of Illicit Relationship.


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