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It’s nearly impossible to think of a pop-rock album released within the past half-century, however successful or obscure, that hasn’t been in some way influenced by Pet Sounds. The Beach Boys’ 1966 masterpiece was born of Brian Wilson’s overbearing father, the cherubic melodies in his head, his artistic struggles with his bandmates (singer Mike Love in particular) and just a hint of the band’s surf-rock beginnings; the album came at considerable personal cost to its principal creator, who even then acknowledged “I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times.” History of course has been beyond kind to Pet Sounds, and Hollywood revisited Wilson’s struggle to realize his vision and difficult path to redemption in the acclaimed 2014 film Love and Mercy, whose current Rotten Tomatoes rating sits at 91. Yet as much as the album has been analyzed and imitated (but never duplicated), few moments could probably ever match watching Wilson perform Pet Sounds live on this 50th-anniversary tour.
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