Brigsby Bear

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Brigsby Bear, the debut comedy from longtime Saturday Night Live writer Dave McCary, harks back to the happy-go-lucky (but really not) ’80s boom. Thirty-something James (Kyle Mooney) is wrested from the underground bunker life his “parents” April (Jane Adams) and Ted (Mark Hamill) created for and inhabited with him. He’s returned to his real family, having had no social contact, since he was stolen as an infant, with anyone outside of his ersatz “mom” and “dad.” McCary could have gone dark: James is, after all, basically a feral child with no life skills, who’s obsessed with the only TV he was allowed to watch — a cheesy children’s adventure show (Brigsby Bear) boasting video effects of the 8-bit era. But McCrary and Mooney ground this story in sincere emotion and mostly avoid straying into easy-laugh SNL shorts territory.


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