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$35 to $140
Many fans moved on from Bush after the band’s sophomore album, Razorblade Suitcase, didn’t approach the critical or commercial heights of the band’s debut, Sixteen Stone. This makes sense and was fairly common in the ’90s. However, those who stuck with the band have no doubt experienced the ups (their first two records) and downs (the mess that was Golden State) that come with being a fan of Gavin Rossdale and crew. Bush is back on the road again in support of its latest, Black and White Rainbows, which was released in March. Rainbows finds Bush shifting its sound a bit into more of a U2-like, arena-rock type. If Rossdale can mix in the new with the old — yes, it’s a safe bet the band will play “Glycerine,” “Everything Zen” and the like — they’ll give fans one rousing performance and show that there is life after radio superstardom.


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