Buster's Mal Heart

Poster courtesy of Well Go Entertainment


Thu., May 18, 4:55, 7:45 & 10:35 p.m. 2017
In Montana, where writer-director Sarah Adina Smith filmed her small-town sci-fi flick, Buster's Mal Heart, the winter-inversion clouds hang heavy in valleys, trapping the sunlight that bounces off the snow. The effect is a perpetual, sullen twilight. Smith embraces that between-light-and-dark persona of Big Sky Country to tell the story of Jonas (Rami Malek), a Hispanic night-shift "concierge" at a low-rent hotel in a resort town, who falls down a rabbit-hole of Y2K conspiracy theories as he begins to suspect that the unfulfilling life he's been dutifully trudging through may be a "bug in the system." This film is not for casual watching, with Twitter open on your phone. It's science fiction that's complex, thoughtful and funny, like 12 Monkeys or Primer run through a Fargo filter.


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