BYOB: Cooking Techniques- Eggs 2 Souffles & Crepes

BYOB: Cooking Techniques- Eggs 2 Souffles & Crepes


[Organizer's description:]Cooking Techniques - Eggs 2 Souffles & Crepes

Are you interested in Culinary School, but don't have the time or money? Have you been cooking for years and just want something new and exciting? Are you a novice interested in getting in the kitchen for the first time? Then the Fundamentals classes are the ones for you!

These classes are for those who are serious about learning how to cook. We offer 20 different courses to choose from throughout the year that can be taken in any order (except Knife Skills 2, which must be taken after Knife Skills 1).

As always, we provide you with a relaxing and warm environment for learning, and have the best instructors who are passionate about teaching. For those who complete all 20 courses, we will give both a Certificate of Completion in the Culinary Arts as well as a Chef Jacket embroidered with your name on it. This Certificate is valid to prove your completion and can be used to gain employment, should you choose to follow a career in Food.

We're so confident you'll learn more than in any other class offered by the competition that we guarantee it or your next class is on us!

Egg dishes are so important that often to test the talent of a chef the master's won't ask for anything more than for him/her to make them the perfect omelette. You are not a chef unless you can master the many, many ways of making eggs! This class is a continuation of the first one focusing on the challenging souffle and crepes.

Class length: Approximately 3 hours

In this class you will learn how to make:
Ham and cheese savory crepe
Sweet Crepe Suzette - complete with all the flames!
Rich seafood souffle made with lobster and scallops and cream sauce
Creamy chocolate souffle - You will wait on the souffle because the souffle does not wait on you!


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