Image courtesy of Jonathan Hopson Gallery.


Past Event

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Jonathan Hopson Gallery
904 Marshall
Houston, Texas  77006
Campions, curated by Jonathan Hopson Gallery creative director Debra Barrera, herself a formidably talented artist and poet, presents work by artists Brittney Anele, Linda Arredondo, Steven Evans, Jamil Hellu, Liz Rodda, Talia Shulze. Part of the fun with Jonathan Hopson Gallery, for whom this event marks a one year anniversary, is their willingness to show up-and-coming artists; the other part is their overall grasp of aesthetics, a property as elusive here as anywhere else. The title of this survey references a flower that favors inhospitable environments. It's rough enough to make one's way as an artist in a second city, even moreso when that same second city is vulnerable to regular catastrophes. This anniversary reception also serves as a fundraiser featuring affordably priced works and succulents, the proceeds of which will go to Hurricane Harvey relief.


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