Cars 3

Still courtesy of Disney/Pixar


Past Event
$7.57 to $10.81

Location Info:

AMC First Colony 24
3301 Town Centre Blvd. S.
Sugar Land, TX  77479
Without giving anything away, I can tell you that, at its climax, this latest installment in a springtime of sequels the world doesn't need eases into a surprising new gear and takes a hard turn into becoming the movie that, during its earlier lulls, I’d idly longed to see. The final scenes surge as though Disney’s Pixar has huffed some Fast & Furious nitrous, but they also serve as an eloquent critique of the boilerplate franchise plotting to which the film has thus far seemed to adhere. There's even a moral, one that's as crucial in preschools as it is in our fan cultures: Let others take a turn sometimes, boys.


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