Chris Laforge Memorial Show

Chris Laforge Memorial Show

Photo courtesy of Butch Klotz/30footFALL


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White Oak Music Hall Downstairs
2915 N Main St.
Houston, TX  77009
The late Chris LaForge’s contributions were so significant to the Houston music community, it is honoring him with not one but three memorial events this weekend; these in addition to the many gatherings of friends, fans and family that have dotted the calendar since the guitarist’s untimely death in May. LaForge’s involvement in so many musical projects over the years created undying friendships with people eager to honor his legacy; many of them, including some of the very bands he played with, will participate in the trio of shows hosted successively by Warehouse Live, White Oak Music Hall and Rudyard’s —Tsunami Bomb, Commie Hilfiger, Los Skarnales, Bickley, Venomous Maximus, the Velostacks and many more. Significantly, the weekend’s events will raise funds for LaForge’s family; each also gives us more chances to fondly remember a stellar guitarist with a quick smile and trademark backwards ball cap. Though some tears are sure to be shed in the process, there should be plenty of gleeful reminders of LaForge’s familiar decree to “Enjoy Yo’Self!”
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