Damn Gxrl

Photo courtesy of Maria Chavez.


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Crumbville Texas
2316 Elgin
Houston, Texas  77004
The Eldorado building is one of the psychic gates to Houston 2, steeped in history, presiding over a community in a state of constant change, but a community through and through. The myth of Houston 1 as a way station or stopgap and the systematic rapacity that proceeded from that premise was based on impermanence, disenfranchisement, suspended ethics, and alienation. Happily that myth is being debunked and disassembled all over the place, slowly but surely, piece by piece, despite the blockbuster-scaled disaster that is the national horrorshow. Within this same Eldorado building, then, in the confection dotted confines of Crumbville, Texas, DAMN GXRL, a local group of artists and activists promoting the creation of more safe spaces and all-inclusive events, presents this soiree at Crumbville Texas, a sweetshop, as part of a series of psycho-social readjustments. Sound artist Maria Chavez is in town for the party. Chavez' avant-turntablism brings music concrete up to speed with the rest of the world, as she joins a deep practice in found sound and chance procedures with a deft technical expertise with the needle on the record. This isn't mixing and scratching so much as scratching through the veil of the possible. She'll be joined by local crooner Peyton, from the Milky Wayv collective, and DJ Yazzaspazza.
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