Debra Barrera: "Menina"

Debra Barrera: "Menina"

Debra Barrera, E, 2017, courtesy of the artist and Moody Gallery.


Past Event

Location Info:

Moody Gallery
2815 Colquitt
Houston, TX  77098
Varied in subject matter and media, steeped in an observation of strange consumer materials and more esoteric technological processes, Debra Barrera's art makes a case for keeping an eye on both sophisticated beauty and the philosophical line. Her work is conceptually curious and engaged with issues of technology and stamina, with an emphasis on exactitude with regard to craft and a hint of suppressed Italian Futurism, sans the fascist apologia. This exhibition of new work, "Menina," the artist's third with Moody Gallery, contains a series of stark, floral prints related to the artist's childhood, as the title suggests. Watch out, a flower is seldom a flower.


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