Dirty & Nasty

Photo by Drew Strane, courtesy of Dirty & Nasty


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Leon's Lounge
1006 McGowen
Houston, TX  77002
Musicians frequently discuss their new albums, especially just before they are released, and often the discussion concerns the act’s motivations for producing the music — what mood they were in when this track got laid, or which of their musical influences are being summoned on that song. But, Houston rap veterans Dirty & Nasty know how they feel about life and art; they’re far more interested in what you are thinking. That’s the thrust behind the duo’s new release, Knowledge Is Queen. As OG Nasty Nique, a.k.a. the Texas Chainsaw or Tominique Roots, puts it, “everything and every feeling referenced or invoked is purposefully done so to not ignore your initial feelings upon listening to the project. Take those feelings, examine them and deconstruct them and really dig deep and ask yourself ‘Why does him saying this make me feel this way?’" That’s the kind of thinking that separates OG Nasty Nique and Dirty Dog D — sometimes known as D3 or David Landry, depending on the occasion — from other rappers. It’s the mindset that makes Dirty & Nasty a favorite in the 2016 Houston Press Music Awards’ new “Woke” category.
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