DIY PR Workshop: How to Get Your Product into National Gift Guides

Last year, it was estimated that Americans would spend $1 trillion on Christmas gifts, averaging a spend of over $400 per person. And as millennials move into their prime spending years, that means small businesses have a huge opportunity to capture a market that has proven to prefer shopping small when finding unique gifts for their loved ones. But how do they know what to look for? Annual gift guides are what people consult when shopping for that perfect present, and now is the time to get your business featured on those quintessential lists. While people are focused on their summer vacation getaways, it’s Christmas in July in the PR industry. Top national publications are already starting to get into holiday mode. Holiday gift guides gain you not only major exposure, but exposure at a critical time when people are most active as consumers. It’s also a competitive time to get press as other businesses are pitching to be featured in holiday gift guides, making it that much more important for you to be on top of your game. Learn how to get into these gift guides that not only drive sales, but will also build brand awareness and generate invaluable publicity. In this two-hour workshop, you will: 1. PREP: We will help you to figure out which of your products are most giftable. 2. FIND: Half of the battle is finding the right contacts to pitch, so we will share our tips for what to look for. We will also hand out a cheat sheet with major national contacts. 3. WRITE: Learn how to write short, concise pitches and subject lines that catch editors’ attentions. You will also learn about what images you need. 4. FOLLOW UP: We will teach you how to follow up without annoying editors. ? As a busy business owner, we all know that it can be hard to find the time to do all of the things on your to do list. That’s why we’ll devote the time to write the pitch at the workshop, plus a script for follow-up calls. **a light lunch will be served**


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