Documentary Screening - "Our Journey Home"

Documentary Screening - "Our Journey Home"

ReThink: Why Housing Matters


2017-09-26 18:30:00
6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. September 26
Local Houston organizations and the ReThink: Why Housing Matters initiative are teaming up to host a film screening of “Our Journey Home,” a documentary narrated by ReThink Ambassador, Jewel, that sheds light on real-life stories of people touched by public housing as they strive to support their families, further their education and careers, give back to their communities, and have a place to call home. The film challenges the misconceptions of public housing and its residents and helps others recognize the benefits – both for the residents and their local communities. The event will include a film showing and Q&A panel after the screening. Synopsis: Where we come from shapes who we are, and how others see us. Home gives us a sense of belonging and stability. It’s so much more than just a physical structure. It’s our safety, our refuge, our launch pad. Yet, so many people in the U.S. face housing instability and homelessness. A shocking 76% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck ( Survey 2013). They are just one accident or injury away from losing everything. “Our Journey Home” follows three families and examines how their relationship to home has shaped them. The film challenges our perceptions about people in need of supportive housing and examines the role we all play in supporting those who struggle in having a stable place from which they can grow and dream. A place to call their own.
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