El Topo

Screenshot courtesy of Alamo Drafthouse


Past Event
Let's say you aren't already a foaming at the mouth fan of Alejandro Jodorowsky's visionary films, any one of which could serve as a substitute for a psychotropic drug experience. In that case, El Topo is a good place to start, as it at least takes place with one black leather boot placed inside a recognizable genre, to wit, the spaghetti western. The plot mostly the travails of a mysterious desert drifter. What you make of where it goes from there says as much about your own taste for picaresque literature, shamanic totems, and metempsychosis. Did I already mention this is the easiest to get of all Jodorowsky's films? John Lennon was a huge fan; he went so far as to help finance Jodorowsky's next work, the epic Holy Mountain, in return for which he stole most of his 70s garb from El Topo's titular hero.


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